Take Another Phrase Out Of Our Verbal Arsenal: Chink In The Armor

I won’t even dignify ESPN with a link. I saw this on the t.v. at the gym while I was running. Apparently, and ESPN writer used “A Chink In The Armour” to describe the horrible play of some guy named Jeremy Lin from the NBA, who I guess is also Asian. Here we go again with the hyper sensitivity at ESPN, and almost every where else (unless something is deemed to be targeting whites, then all is poops and giggles)

I have not read anything about this, and I don’t plan too. Let’s say for a moment the guy wrote this on purpose. Sports, and sports writing is nothing more than entertainment, period. No different from Larry The Cable Guy’s or Chris Rock’s stand up comedy routines. Through this lens, it is nothing more than either a good or bad play on words. The problem is, too many people place too much importance on sports and the role it plays in their lives, or lack there of.

So let’s say the guy used the phrase because this Lin guy actually has a weakness in his game. End of story, move along PC pimps, nothing to see or sell here. Ya know, ESPN dumped Hank jr. for something he did not even say.

As I have said, I no longer watch ESPN unless it is absolutely necessary. They still are the only ones who broadcast bowling. And bottom line, more sports fans need to realize that sports ain’t life, nor is it death: it is just for fun.

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