Barney Miller: Clean Classic T.V.

Would watch this every week when I was a kid. Imagine a well written sit-com about soemthing!

Foamie Friday

Yes, it is once agin Friday. I do not have to work overtime which means I can spend time with Beer. Beer is a great friend. Always there when I need em’, never says no when I need help moving or painting the house. Does not try to romance my lady. Loves to spend the day with me no matter what I am doing. My dogs love em’, the dumbass neighbors stay even further away when we are together, and once a month, Beer provides me with cash, a.k.a recycling!

So lets hear it for Beer!

Watchin’ NASCAR And Drinkin’ Beer

OK, I am dun bloggin’ fer the evening. So here is one of my favorite comedians: Bubba J!

Random Thoughts And Observations

These are in random order and probably of little importance in the big scheme of life; whatever the heck that means.

I saw the first “Obama 12” bumper sticker on a brand new SUV, I wonder if they are the 99% or the 1%?

What is the difference between a fart and a burp other than direction and point of exit?

What was invented first: The catcher’s mask or the cup? Also, what came first: The cup or the jock-strap?

Do women look before they flush like us guys?

If you work with somebody you dislike, do you tell them when they have a dangler in their nose?

If your wife’s mom is your mother in law, if you get a divorce is she your “mother outlaw? Or would you even care?

What would have happen if Bill Gates did not have a garage?

How come nobody has invented a fridge with a storage compartment on its top?

Why is it that it takes more fossil fuel to produce green energy, than it does to extract and refine fossil fuels?

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