Hypocrisy: Gotta Light?

I have been seeing quite a few commercials about the dangers of smoking lately. Ya know, folks with their legs hacked off, and others wearing wigs and a mask because the lost their face due to smoking. At the very end of these commercials, I notice that the federal government is footing part of the bill…Ad Council.. to run them.
So let me get this figured straight; The Federal Government wants folks to quit smoking, but they also raise a big chunk of change taxing the tobacco companies. So if there are less smokers, there will be less tax dollars. What the hay I say?

And does not the Chump in the oval office fire up heaters himself? Here is a thought. Stop taxing the backy companies. Stop forcing health care on us. And then there will be no need for commercials like these. All the folks in these propaganda shorts knew the risk when they first sparked a cancer stick. They now need to stop whining and deal with the consequences of their choices.

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