The Hillbilly’s Random Thoughts

Here I go again, the voices in my bucket need to be down loaded!

90 degrees and dudes are wearing hoodies and baggy jeans: Are they that committed to fashion, or are they up to something?

If we can put a remote control vehicle on Mars, why can’t somebody invent a roll of toilet paper that is easy to start? All tha scratchin’ and tearin’ pisses me off!

Cran-Bran: A drink for the geezers who can’t poop or drink.

Kleenex Finger Singles: It would fit over your index finger and would allow for cleaner nose picking. No more of that pesky rolling and flipping…or wiping on the bottom of chairs and tables.

Beer flavored gum: So people think you have been drinking when you really have not. Would help slackers sue their employers!

Still can’t figure out why my reversible underwear idea has not taken off.

When ocean fish drop a deuce, and lobsters consume it, then people consume the lobster…does this explain why some folks are full of crap?

Why do I still find it funny when a billy-buddy of mine ask me what time it is, and I reply;”1/2 past a monkeys ass, a 1/4 to his balls?” Probably why I think that farting is still flippin hilarious!

OK, the voices are tellin’ me to get this weekend started. So, it is time for my favorite tri-fecta; gym, golf, beer!
Have a great weekend everybody!

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