After America: Get Ready for Armageddon – Mark Steyn (via )

Some have asked on occasion why I am a passionate and driven conservative, and though my articulated reasons may vary from time to time and even from week to week I have to say that in the end it is the rational logic that lies beneath the platitudes and politics that is the reason for my passionate fight for liberty and the American way of life. Mark Steyn articulates this as well as any person I have ever heard. I watched his speech tonight and … Read More


Can we do welfare better than we do now? (via Freedom Apparatus)

Can we do welfare better than we do now? This whole debt debate has gotten me thinking.  What can we really do to change the way our entitlement programs are working; because the system is not really working right now.  I am someone who would like to see our debt paid off, but I also do not want to see people suffer when they need help from the Government.  I cannot get myself to believe that most of … Read More

via Freedom Apparatus

BY Executive Order, Put Down that Twinkie! (via Indyfromaz's Blog: The Thoughts of An Independent Arizonan)

During the Health Care "debate" last year I joked about the government coming for your twinkies and wanting to regulate what you eat, since it would impact their Health Care costs when the government takes over your Health Care under the guise of  "qualified plans". (i.e. if your plan changes and the government doesn't like the change it's no longer "qualified" and thus subject to ObamaCare regulations) So quick but important diversion on an Obam … Read More

via Indyfromaz's Blog: The Thoughts of An Independent Arizonan

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