Digit Removal

Well the scum of Modesto has finally slinked his way into my front yard. I don’t know who he is, nor do I care. He felt it was his right to steal my beat up, trashed old bike that I would have gladly given him if he asked. Ah, but no, he chose to steal it.

Thing is; it is quite unique in appearance. Which is bad for him. Why people feel it is their right to take what is not theirs is beyond me. I know our federal government does this, and it has also helped create the culture of entitlement.

So, if at some point in the future, there is a guy checking into a local emergency room sans five digits on their right hand: Don’t ask me what happened. I would have rather just shot him.


Tweakers In The ER: Waste Of My Tax Dollars

During a recent trip to the ER, (I was bedside, and not the patient), there was a lady brought in due to a heart problem from ingesting meth. I was able to listen to the conversations between the staff during this entire episode. The patient was beyond high, she was looking down on the moon because she was so high. She admitted to being on the drug, and on methadone. And then the bombshell that set me off was spoken by the nurse; “She is on medical.” Damn, I am paying for this drug abuser’s habit, and medical care? Ok, fine, I know people can have a hard time kicking their demons, but why do I have to pay for it? I am willing to pay once, in order t save a life. The pay back from the addict should be staying clean. The second trip to the ER should not be allowed. Life is tough, and it gets a lot tougher when you are an idiot. They patient whined and moaned the entire time. The staff did “not know what the hell they are doing””You are killing me!” Know tweak chick, you are killing yourself. At one point, tweak-a-chick cried she wanted to “walk home” and I replied just loud enough for our nurse to hear; “Let her.”
This is not mean, it is just good ol’ fashion tough love. I am no fan of social programs, but if my money is going to be stolen from me, by my government, then I darn well want it going to people who at least give a crap about themselves! Give it to veterans!

As I was leaving, paramedics were bringing in a pint-sized dude, who took a handful of vicoden, and washed them down with 3- 160z beers. They were talking about pumping his boiler. I was thinking the guy should be arrested for beer abuse!

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