Chech Muslims And Southern Democrat Both Terrorist

So the crap pile who sent the poison laced letters is a self-proclaimed “liberal” and “christian.” Of course, he has proved he is only a liberal, and not a Christian. I have read The Bible, and nowhere do I find a command to murder political figures. But liberal are just fine with murder if it fits their views. Think abortion and legal suicide.

For the Check Muslims? I am still developing my take on the Boston Bombing, and I have questions about what, or what is not, being reported by the government. Quite a few years ago, I would have not even entertained the thought that our government would have a hand in acts of violence against our citizens, but Waco and Ruby Ridge changed all of that. I also see the Civil War as an act of violence that targeted American citizens. Read Gen Lee’s writings on the subject.

Back to the Chech Muslims. If they are the real culprits, we have a serious problem: These dudes are bad ass. They are the number one choice for terrorist to fill their ranks. And here is the kicker, how many of them are here in the states illegally? If we get shafted with the Amnasty Plan, brought to you by the unpatriotic Gang of 8, they will become citizens, along with all their family members who are not even in the country! I bet this is not being discussed on the news channels. Yet this simple Hillbilly in Cali can figure it out. I will go as far to say that there are evil forces behind the scenes in D.C. that want this. They want a reason to use federal law enforcement agencies against these folks, and then ultimately against any citizen who objects to the socialization of America.

Their is hope. The bombing in Boston may blow up the hopes of the anti-gun, pro-illegal alien supporters: More people may see the need to arm themselves and tighten who the heck is getting into our country. The gun control bill will shot down the other day and Obammy and Biden were pissed. If “Shamnasty” for illegals dies, and I think it will, it will expose the GOP phonies like Rubio and McCain for what they are: Team players for the political machine in DC. Yup, Rubio’s career is done. The GOP’s Cuban poster boy has been exposed as a fraud.

OK, I have to shut this down and work on a Fab Friday post. One with lots of beer, country music, and pork skins!

Also, you notice how the media stopped reporting on the murders of the D.A. in Texas when they found out it was not a White Aryan group? Just saying:)

Bammy Blowers, Check Your Check

For all of the blind,deaf,and ignorant who not only voted, but still worship the Chief Chump take a gander at your pay stub! So much for not stealing from the middle and lower class wage earners huh? Less money taken home equals less savings, nights out, investments, ect…. All the while the folks who don’t work are receiving more than ever. Bammy, along with Johnny McStain want to dump via amnesty, 11 million workers into the market. The real number will be closer to 30 million but hey, 19 million ain’t that big of a deal!

The hard-working American citizens who wants to do the right things; provide for themselves and not depend on the government, are SCREWED! It only took the liberal, self loathing white folks just over 200 years o run The Great Experiment into the ground. Thanks!

Obama The Enkindler

I will keep this short and sweet. We have folks like the Bears head coach; Lovie Smith, calling on blacks to have Obama’s back. ““Our future’s looking bright because I trust the man who will be leading us into the future. And that man is Barack Obama,” Smith says before flipping a football.

“I have the president’s back and it’s left up to us as African-Americans to show that we have his back, also,” the coach says. “Join African Americans for President Obama today.”

So let’s get this straight Sir Lovie: Sounds as though y’all are asking black folks to vote for a guy simply because he is black? Even though he has very little in common with you, or most other average Joe’s.

So I what Barry the Enkindler wants are for whites to “have the “insert white candidates name here” back?
And we all know BTE wants to incite hate through class warfare.

Yup, so much for bringing the country,world, and universe together as one!:)

Trudeau And Obamunist

Tredeau sounds a lot like our The Obamunist we have in office now!

Trudeau describes his meeting with the Communist leaders like this: “… It is a stirring moment: these greybeards, in their ripe old age, embody today the triumph of an idea, an idea that has turned the whole world upside down and profoundly changed the course of human history.” Of the greybeard who has murdered more than 30 million Chinese, Trudeau says: ” … Mao Tse-tung, one of the great men of the century, has a powerful head, an unlined face, and a look of wisdom tinged with melancholy. The eyes in that tranquil face are heavy with having seen too much of the misery of men.”

You don’t believe he said it. I know. Neither did I. Get the book. Notice that the typical Trudeau sarcasm and condescension are gone. Now the Lord Protector of the Realm fawns and scrapes.

Indeed, says Trudeau: “Everyone knows that the Communists summarily rushed to the gallows or to jail many of the great landed proprietors. It was the genius of Mao Tse-tung to realize the extent to which his revolution must depend on the peasants, and he mercilessly suppressed the class that inspired in these peasants awe, respect, and submissiveness towards outworn traditions.”

This you still may not believe, even if you read the book yourself. Here, Trudeau not only justifies Mao Tse-tung’s mass murders – he applauds them. They are good, he says. They are necessary. They prove Mao’s genius.

Strap On The Thinking Caps:

I was just sent this link. It deals with how man has developed over the centuries. Where once survival depended on hunting skills, and now brain power is the tool that feeds and earns.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Brains, Bucks and Bolshevism

“Marcus: Every year you’re worse. Every year, less reliable. More booze, more bullshit, more butt-fucking.
Willie: Sure, the 3 B’s.”

– Dialogue between a black midget and a white degenerate in the comedy film, Bad Santa.

This is about economic success, what creates it and how societies can self-organise to attain more of it.

Now, I’m going to go against my male instincts here, and take brains as the primary point of consideration. For any examination of human society, intelligence is a great start. After all, smarts are what make us people, not simply beasts. Without intellect we wouldn’t even have modern society, much less the wealth it brings. Of course, we might still have Communism…

Early “humans” evolved disproportionately large heads, packed with mystery meat, for one reason only: survival. Any species which took a slow, weak and vulnerable form such as ours, without the compensating intelligence, would be long extinct. As it happened, humans bodies increasingly traded speed, strength and protection for ever more complex minds. The power of intelligence is such that, even without sharp fangs and an extra set of legs, humans rule the world.

Undeniably, early man could not have learned to control fire or make tools without his exceptional brainpower. Likewise, the cooperation and weaponry necessary for hunting were a product of rising intelligence, and also a source thereof. Better hunters lived longer, and were sexually selected for by cave-babes eager for their meat.

Critically, the rich nutrition afforded us by hunting animals for flesh allowed for ever bigger and energy-hungry brains. Meat’s richness also freed time for thinking; an hour spent catching prey yielding more nutrition than many hours spent plant-gathering. That’s only true if prey is caught though, making risk and reward ever close to the male heart. Successful hunters enjoyed leisure, indulging arts and crafts hobbies like cave-painting and tool-making, or disporting themselves at hunting practice.

Such things allowed us to craft better tools and weapons, more effectively cooperate and communicate, as well as form larger tribes.

These developments made us even better hunters, genetic and environmental interaction forming a feedback loop. One fed largely by meat, as it lifted us from dull, subsisting herbivores to bright, successful omnivores.

For this reason, I see meat as the first form of wealth. The fruit and veg early man survived on is comparable to the portion of modern man’s salary going to monthly expenses. Anything above that is meat; wealth allowing him to thrive while enriching his family and tribe. This link between food and money is a primal one, apparent in expressions like “bringing home the bacon.” And “bucks.”

So, given that intelligence was so critical to developing the combination of ideas, technology and organisation we call culture, is it not reasonable to expect a link even today between intelligence and culture? All agree early man couldn’t have mastered fire, tools and language without rising significantly above other primates in intelligence. Could modern man have mastered atomic energy, synthetic materials and complex literature without so rising above early man? And if early intelligence was so important in hunting for meat, is it not equally important today in acquiring wealth? For the answers, we turn our attention to Africa.

Today the most widely-held theory on human evolution is that we first migrated from East Africa about 90,000 to 100,000 years ago. New environments exerted new pressures on natural and sexual selection. For example, the influence of colder climes cannot be overstated. Icy winters selected for those who could skilfully craft clothing and shelter. Similarly, scarcity of edible plants would have made effective hunting vital. Storage and rationing of food, a mentally taxing exercise, was necessary. Even childbirth would have to be more strategic, demanding fewer mouths to feed. That would have placed more emphasis on nurturing, to ensure those precious few children survive and learn these survival skills. Less babies would also have increased breeding competition, demanding a higher understanding of others. And so on…

Remember, the above factors and the greater intelligence they favoured are only the effect of a single environmental variable, cold. We might talk endlessly of the other challenges rewarding higher brainpower, settled versus migratory lifestyles for instance. As it is, we can see the environmental pressures, that first led to humans developing intelligence, only increased out of Africa. Necessity is the mother of invention and the resultant early “sciences” were: physics related to climate and tools, biology related to plants and animals and psychology related to cooperation and competition. The greater cultural complexity necessitated by such advancements would also have spurred “the arts,” that is linguistic and symbolic development.

All the above, and more, formed a growth spiral, the end result of which was the evolution of higher intelligence and other adaptations in non-Africans. Survival in the African environment did not demand intelligence to the same degree, and it’s possible Africans culture did not much select for it either. We find adaptations to cold, such as intelligence, to particular degree in the people today known as East Asians, who faced more and harsher climes. I defy anyone to disprove these assertions.

Of course, degrees of average intelligence aren’t the only differentiation found in modern populations. There is plenty of other evidence of adaptation by groups to their geographic environment. We’ll maintain our focus on intelligence, as the factor most relevant to cultural development and success however. After all, complex culture of the type that leads to a consistent surplus of resources can’t exist without high intelligence, no matter what other physiological or behavioural traits might be present. If cultural success was independent of intelligence, we’d see dogs playing poker for real. Though it’s tempting to gauge intelligence on culture alone, as we might surmise chimps to be very smart beasties due to their social complexity and limited tool-use, we need more accurate measures for both culture and cleverness.

I subscribe to the informed consensus that IQ testing is a perfectly valid way to measure intelligence, indeed the best way yet devised. Forget the orthodox view, and related gushing over pseudo-scientific drivel like EQ; a poll of 600 experts on modern psychology, across such fields as child development, educational psychology, behavioural genetics and psychometrics, found:

– 99.3% agreed IQ measures the ability to think abstractly,
– 97.7% agreed IQ measures problem-solving,
– 96% agreed IQ measured the ability to learn,
– 100% agreement was reached that IQ measured one or more of these capacities.

In fact, with the exception of certain politically-motivated social scientists virtually synonymous with Marxism and non-empirical studies, those who criticize IQ testing are almost always laypeople lacking any training in the psychological or scientific disciplines.

Further, IQ is designed to be culturally neutral. It is in no way biased towards European Caucasians, as evidenced by the fact that several unrelated groups outperform them on the test. In fact, the Nazis banned IQ tests specifically because Jews outperformed native Germans. Hitler wanted Germans to be equal above all others, you see. As an aside, Stalin, a far worse tyrant in terms of death-toll, also banned IQ as he wanted everyone to be equal under Stalin.

BLACKS In Holland via Elliot Lake News @ WordPress

My question is: Are people of a certain skills level being either encouraged, or forced to migrate to prosperous countries in order to slowly deplete wealth, and government structure?

BLACKS In Holland.

Peter Stuyvesant
In the 1970s the first (immigrant) wave came from Surinam (South America), then in the 1980s the second wave from the Antilles (the Caribbean), and in the 1990s the third wave from Somalia (Africa).
Since elites in the media and academic world never tire of saying that mass immigration is beneficial to the receiving country, it is good to put this thesis to the test using publicly available government sources and applying it to Negro migration.

In 2010 the research centre of Erasmus University of Rotterdam produced a report at the request of the Dutch government on the effects of public investment on the empowerment of (Black Caribbean) Antillean communities (141,000 immigrants) in Holland between 2005 and 2008.

[Read about: Holland, Michigan]

The local projects did not yield ANY positive results, and in some cases the situation was even worse than before any government intervention. The main problems are broken families, school dropout, unemployment, and criminality.


One of the consequences is that in 2008 there were 14 times (14X) more [Black] Antilleans in jail than native Dutch, if the figures are corrected to reflect their ratio of the population. The over-representation of the Antilleans in jail compared to their crime rate is mainly the result of the brutal violence that is a hallmark of (Black Caribbean) Antillean criminals.

SOMALI refugees don’t fare any better than their Black brethren from the Caribbean. The prospect of Somalis in Holland is so bleak that the integration report mentioned above tells us that the only “bright spot“ is that there are not so many of them!! (22,000 in ’09)

[ See: Shelbyville, TN & Somalis ]


Forty percent (40%) of Somali males aged 15–64 have no job and as a result they are registered as recipients of social welfare. The heavy reliance of broken families on social welfare is illustrated by the fact that 46% of Somali women rely on welfare.


Behavior, criminality and IQ

There has been a lot of investigation into the root causes of the failure of Negroid communities to achieve economic success.


The outcome was that more than half had an IQ of LESS than 85, indicating that their average IQ is below that of American Blacks (average 85 IQ) and implying that a substantial percentage are in the retarded range (i.e., IQ < 70).


A glance at the world map with the average IQ per country indicates that this level of IQ is normal in among Blacks in the Caribbean, with average IQ’s ranging between 80 and 85, but significantly lower for Haiti, presumably because Haitians have relatively little admixture with Whites.


The groups are far more similar than different: both groups show the same Negroid culture of absent fathers, contempt for education, and a preference of criminality and idleness over work habits.

They are neither willing, nor able to make a contribution for the common welfare of Western countries. This should be a warning for advocates of Sub-Saharan (and Caribbean) immigration to America and Europe.

If Your Favorite Politicians Support Hamas: Then You Support The Destruction Of Israel

And good old Uncle Sam; our tax dollars go to this vile group by the hundreds of millions each year.

Hamas agrees to ’67 borders

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

At a ceremony marking the 24th anniversary of the founding of Hamas, Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip Ismail Haniyeh said that Hamas may work for the “interim objective of liberation of Gaza, the West Bank, or Jerusalem,” but that this “interim objective” and “reconciliation” with Fatah will not change Hamas’ long-term “strategic” goal of eliminating all of Israel:

“The armed resistance and the armed struggle are the path and the strategic choice for liberating the Palestinian land, from the [Mediterranean] sea to the [Jordan] river, and for the expulsion of the invaders and usurpers [Israel]… We won’t relinquish one inch of the land of Palestine.”

Sleeping Into The Movies

I love to watch movies on the dvd player before going to sleep. Since I am on vacation, I am able to watch as many as possible, or as many cheap ones I can find under five dollars at FYE.

So last night I was watching Die Hard 4; Die Hard and Live Free, or something like it. Before that movie, I watched two of the movies in the Hannibal Lechter serious. Low and behold did I ever sleep my way into a self-made, for my viewing pleasure only, cerebral Cinema Show Case. What movies came together to make this one, this Hillbilly ain’t sure, but it was pretty good!

I will call it Ero Pleasure; Pain. (The letter “ERO” were stamped on the pill).

It started off with a young man being on trial for murder, to which he had no memory of committing.(Sounds like the makings of a good politician). His defense was that he was given a small,orange,oval-shaped pill by a man dressed in tidy black pin-striped suit. The rub was, that by taking the pill, the kid would get anything he ever wanted, but he could never return to his current life: Meaning, no contact with his family or friends. If he did choose to return, then there was an unexplained consequence.
Well, being just a kid of about 12 years of age, he said yes. He then told the court that when he decided to “discharge” by slamming down upon the ground, a multi-colored sphere made of thin, taffy like plastic, the next thing he remembers was being led into court for murdering his family.
This is where the movie became interactive for me: He turns from his seat, looks directly at me, and says; “If you don’t believe me, you take it!” What the heck? I was just sitting in the gallery watching my dream movie! The kid turns to the jury as says; ” I did not do this. Even though I can’t remember not doing these horrible things, I did not do it. How could I; small boy, kill my entire family? They were not beaten,stabbed, or shot, they were poisoned!” “Even my lawyer does not believe me!”

So the next thing I know, (I am still dreaming, and have not been pulled out of my seat by four barking dogs, or four playful cats that reside at the Hillbilly Estates), I am pulling back the blankets on my bed, and I find one of those little orange pills. And like some teen-aged, about to get their melon displaced by a crazed, masked scoundrel, I take it!

Instantly, I find myself working some type of mid-level, highly over paid county job. I have a staff that I am directing to “fill the holding tank” that fits neatly in the back of a small, white work truck. I have no idea what I am doing in this position, but I find myself extremely happy, and content, and I have not a clue as to why. Then, I find myself at my new residence, very modern, sleek-looking apartment, with all the bells and whistles. This is when I realized, “This ain’t me at all”. I was able to understand this outside of my dream. So no I have a nightmare replacing my once “court room drama”.

So I remember trying to play video games and sleep in my new abode, but I kept being pestered by phone calls, and knocks to the door by fellow employees, and various service folks like UPS, and FedEx! Well, lo and behold I find myself running up and down the country road where I spent my entire childhood and a good part of my adult life, chasing that multicolored plastic taffy ball. But it kept rolling, and bouncing away from me. I had those men in their pinstriped suits all around me saying “Don’t do it!”. Of course, by telling me not to do something motivates me even more to do it. So I finally catch this darn thing and smash it to the ground.

So, I instantly find myself sitting in court, up on murder charges. As the gawkers, who are soon to be gallery sitters, stream by, who do I see? It is the kid who was on trail originally. He is now out of detention, having served his sentence. He once again looks me in the eyes and says: “Believe me now?”. At this point, I no longer think this is a dream. I truly feel as if I am on trial, for a murder I did not commit.

But while I am on the stand, I start describing places, and people, I do not remember being, or knowing. Even my lawyer looks bewildered. (This must be a dream, because my lawyer would have looked at my savings account and laughed). I describe a man, well-groomed, pulling a very large brief case, that is filled with pills and pictures. I also remember being in a very spacious, clear glass office building with many black doors. The building was very tall, but only had one floor.

Some how I convinced the judge to take me, my lawyer, and the “I told you so kid” on a secret visit to this building. This is where the dream jumped around a bit. The next thing I know, we have found the man with the brief case on wheels. He looks like the principle from Ferris Buehler. The judge opens the brief case, and there are thousands of varying pills, and thousands of pictures. We then find ourselves at the glass office building. Many men and women walking around in black. The women look as if they came from a Robert Palmer video.(That would have been a fun turn for my dream to take!). The judge orders all the doors of the offices to be open, and behind every one of them is a very large,spacious, medical lab, set up with operating tables.

So the last thing I remember of this dream is the I told you so boy, telling me; “I told you so”>

Holy crap, I usually dream a lot, but never in such detail, and never remembering as much either. There was no beer, tractors, mud, catfish, or girls in halter tops. So this is not my usual type of dream. What does it mean? Who knows. Maybe it means I should change the genre of film I view before sacking out!

Canada’s Immigration Problem: Legal And Illegal

This was written by Elliot Lake in response to my question to him about Canada’s immigration issues, and why the ranks of minorities have grown so much over the past 30 plus years.

ELN says:
2011/12/20 at 9:20 pm

Unlike the U.S. southwest where the vast majority of illegal aliens have jumped border crossings by the hundreds of thousands (or millions?) for the last 2 or 3 decades, most of Canada’s NON-white immigrants arrived through legal channels, then sponsor the village from “back home”, and there begins the long chain of family migration.

Canada also has its share of illegal immigrants whose numbers are unknown to me, but there are over 40,000 failed “refugees” still wandering our streets. These are documented foreigners who tried their luck with the “refugee” game and lost, and thus ordered out of the country, but decided to stay instead. Canada also has a so-called temporary work program (TWP) that allows a further couple of hundred thousand foreigners to do “temporary” work, but many don’t leave after their expiry date. We also have a so-called foreign “student” program (mostly 3rd world) where many decide to stay instead of returning home.

Last year, a record high of 280,000 legal immigrants arrived in Canada during an economic downturn, but that didn’t slow the pace. Only 17% of those numbers actually pass the eligibility requirements for legal entry, and the balance are comprised of spouses, family members and other relatives.

Our “refugee” program is considered a running joke around the world. Any foreign scamster uttering the mildest of sob stories could easily be granted refugee status, and is thus eligible to the identical rights (except voting) as any Canadian born here 65 years ago. In August last year, 492 Sri Lankans arrived in an old freighter, and naturally claimed “refugee” status. The Canadian gov’t was well aware of the ship’s impending arrival, but did nothing to prevent them docking in Vancouver. More million$ of tax-dollars down the drain since that episode began, and its still not finished.

In other words, if you’re Black, Brown, or Yellow, simply claim “refugee” status. If White, you’re out of luck!

10 reasons why I’m not British and I probably never will

10 reasons why I'm not British and I probably never will.

1. I don’t stand outside a pub at 5PM on a Friday in December drinking lager, smoking a rolled up cigarette, wearing tracksuit and a vest, when it’s only 4degrees C (or 39 degrees F )

2. I don’t go out on Friday or Saturday night during the winter wearing only a Lipsy dress with a clutch bag and peep toe shoes (my outfit could be more likely to be jeans, leggings underneath, socks, another pair of socks, long sleeve t-shirt, jumper, jacket, scarf, and I will be still so brave to claim I’m cold!) See the daily mail article (

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