Shut-Her Down

Why not shut down the federal government? No IRS agents stealing my earnings. No Homeland Security and FEMA doing their NAZI work. No TSA feeling up nuns and cripples. No CIA and FBI killing American citizens. Sounds better all the time. Thing is, they are not shutting a darn thing down, except for some zoos and a few federal parks. The things many ignorant Americans care most about:)

Top Jihad Website Hosted From New Jersey (via Creeping Sharia)

via Top Jihad Website Hosted From NJ | Christian Action Network. A top jihadist website that promotes attacks on the West is hosted by a company in New Jersey, reports the Middle East Media Research Institute. The website is led by a sheikh who has inspired top Al-Qaeda terrorists, and it predicts that Allah will retaliate against the U.S. for killing Osama Bin Laden. The website belongs to Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, who MEMRI says “is consi … Read More

via Creeping Sharia

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