T-47 And Counting

Of course, I am referring to how many work days I have left until the summer vacation. Or as I like to call it; “The Summer of John.” I ripped this saying from George of Seinfeld fame. Sadly, the real life George, Jason Alexander, is a flaming liberal. Any way, I am not going to let a liberal, or anyone else get in the way of my countdown to summer time.

Every year I have worked at my school, the time has gone by quicker than the previous year. I work 181 days. There are roughly 20 days that are 12 hour plus, but they are fun. There are times when I get tired of the parent, or parents, that act as though they are students. Like trying to sneak into an event without paying, or cursing at the refs, or other parents. What is really swell is that I am a bit older than most of these folks, and in better shape! So I am able to treat them like the immature brats that they are. I actually enjoy watching an adult thro a hissy fit!
One of the best is when I would not allow a mom to enter the gym with a large coffee, that was in a paper cup. No school in our league allows drinks, other than water, into the gyms. We have the newest, and best facility in the valley. So when I informed Hornet Lady (mascot of her kid’s school) she could not enter, she reverted to kid mode. “Well, there are no signs saying I can’t snap HL. “Yes, ma’am, it is right behind states the Hillbilly.” “Well, all the other schools allow it.” “Sorry ma’am, I work administration duty for away games, and no they do not.” Well snaps HL, everybody in this gym has drinks.” Nope ma’am, they don’t,and I am talking to you and not everybody.” “WELL, FINE,” and with that, HL throws her coffee away and storms into the gym, and sits by Mr.HL. I can tell she is telling him the story,according to her vision of reality, and the next thing I see is Mr. HL laughing his head off! I don’t know what color of red HL’s face turned, but I can tell you it was never one that was found in my crayon box.:)
So my last 47 days break down like this: Monday through Thursdays are either golf practice, or golf match days. 3 of these days are full day tourneys. I have 5 minimum days mixed in, and Easter Break starts on Good Friday. Bottom line, I am so short, I could parachute off of a dime! I have to jump up to scratch a snakes belly. And it won’t be long until I am a single digit midget!

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