Toga Toga! Almost Easter/Spring Break

I guess I will never grow up, I am a Toy’s R’Us kid, and a forever spring break college boy! The break is kinda a warm up for summer break: Watching tv till dawn, bbqing and drinking beer at times most folks are either leaving, or coming home from work. Tee times at 5:45am and bar times at …when ever.

I understand why pro baseball players never want to retire. Spring break, and summer vacation are vacuums, where time stands still. My only clock that I have to answer to is my belly’s, and my liver’s….oops my four dogs and four cats too.

Growing up is for suckers. When some folks are happy to settle for 1-2 week vacations from jobs that are 8 hour plus grinds, I would rather barely squeak by financially, because my free time has more worth than Trump’s, Buffet’s, and Gates combined. Give me a lawn chair, 40 cold beers, my dogs, Waylon Jennings on the rinky dink boom box, and life don’t get no better than that!

So Happy Easter too all.

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