Golf And Fried Chicken: No Bad Jokes Allowed

If you are not a golf geek like myself, you probably don’t have a clue to who Sergio Garcia is. However, Tiger Woods probably rings a bell. Sergio made the typical “Fried Chicken” joke, and now every one has their plad pants in a knot. Here is the conversation on a thread located at the Golf Channel’s web-site. I made the point that if a black guy makes a joke directed at another black dude, all is well. Hell, Black dude can make a joke directed at a white dude, and all is well. But let white guy poke fun at black,brown,yellow, gree, or blue guy, and it is RACIST! Here are some comments and a link.

John Heaton•37 minutes ago−
Nothing more than a bad joke. Golf writers need material. Let Chris Rock make the same type of comment, and the same folks who are ripping Sergio, would be laughing their rears off. Sergio should have made a “porn-star” joke, would have had a better shot at being funny.

dorado dorado>

because it’s different when a white person does it against a black person.


No, it’s not. Racist language is racist language, regardless of “which” group uses it against the other.

dorado dorado>

it does matter, because one is entitled to make fun of themselves, but not make fun of others.

this was not racist language, it was a racist remark. that’s why people are tripping up over the “fried chicken” comment, because that in of itself is not racist. it was the context under which he made it.

john Heaton>

“entitiled”? That says it all right there.

John Heaton> o
Really? Sounds like a double standard is in place

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