Triples Senior Tuesdays

Yup, that is the name of the league that I bowl in every Tuesday. Who cares that I am not a senior! I am starting to see a lot of similarities to golf. Really friendly folks, and players of all skill levels competing against each other. Of course, this is done by handicapping. Since I am new, I am spotted a number of pins. Actually, quite a few. Seeing that I have never bowled in a league, some players are giving me a bit of the stank eye do to a few of my scores. I rolled a 186, 174, and a 112 Tuesday. Now the 112 is a score that most beginners roll. It was my last game, and the oil on the lanes changed, and I threw a ton of splits that I was not able to pick up. The first two scores are on par with the better bowlers in the league. Who, of course, have been bowling for years. Hence, the stank eyes!

Now that I am getting in to this sport. Yes, it is a sport. I am going to work at it, just like I do golf. It is something about having to be competitive, and good, at any sport I pursue. It is not that I want to say that I am better than everyone else, it is that I want to win, or lose, on my own, and not with a handicap. I don’t want help. I guess it is just like I don’t want any handouts from the federal government. I don’t need a nanny to care for me. Probably this is why I hate Affirmative Action. It tells people that they can’t do things with out help from the government. It enslaves them mentally.

Dang, and here I thought I was just going to ramble about bowling!

May I Add Another Please?

Ok, I noticed I have been slacking on building my Blog-Roll. I have been saying all of these nice things about my cyber friend here at Word Press, but I have not kept up on adding to ” The Roll.” So I am going to try to add a few of my followers each day.

See, I have been trying to become a well-rounded, more people friendly Conservative Hillbilly. One, because I just like to be a swell guy, though some will never believe it. And secondly, friendly people tend to get free beer more often than non-friendly folks! So, you see, my belief that beer is the great uniter once again is proven correct! 🙂

God Bless

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