Once A Day? Maybe Twice A Week? Visit Our Followers!

I started thinking about what would happen if all of us bloggers made it a point to visit our followers a little more often? And while we are there, be sure to “like” or “re-blog” a post? I know I like meeting new voices, and faces, via my daily blogging journey. I have met more nice people in the last few months here, than I have in public. I am not quite sure how this sounds! 🙂

I know I have become much more aware of differing, and like-minded views through my blog. I have also become better educated about my new favorite group of folks; The Foodies.” This is not to say I don’t enjoy everybody’s friendship just as much.

Well this is just my nickel’s worth of an idea to help grow our blogging friends, which in turn grows our views. And it is safe to say we all like to check our “views today” chart.

God Bless ya all!

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