Another 4 day Work Week

Just finished another terrific 3-day weekend. Weather was nice; 70 degrees and sunny during the day. One of the few good things about living in California. I decided to hit some golf balls at the range on Monday…and so did nearly a 100 of my good friends! Looks like the weather is going to get cold for the next few days. I guess it is my fault for washing the truck.

So I am starting another week of “political blackout” which is great. I figure if I don’t hear the crap going down, it ain’t there:) I will just focus on my golf season, and my intense love of beer. And hope I don’ get hit by a frigging meteor!

Another Monday Holiday

Yup, the Hillbilly has another three-dayer’. It is once again sunny, and will be in the mid sixties today. I am taking just a few short minutes to say hello to all and hope the week goes well.

As for me? Lets see: breakfast, workout, hit golf balls, yard work,beers,bbq, and finish the day with some video games on the big screen. Life could only be better if my beer holder on the riding lawn tractor did not break!

I will reply back to all that commented here by tomorrow. I must have something to do at work. 🙂

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