Saturday Sunday: The Two Shortest Days Of The Week

There ain’t no way that these two fine days contain 24 hours in them. More like 2.4 hours. I get up at 6am every Monday through Friday, and by the time the work day is over, and I finish with golf practice, I don’t get home until 6:30 pm. Yup, a very long day.

Now, let’s talk Saturday and Sunday. The days might start a bit later; say 9am, and they might finish a bit later, 11pm-12pm, but there is not a chance the hours are as long!I am sure there is a term for this, and probably even a few country and western songs too. This Hillbilly just calls it a load of crap.

Here is an idea: I am going to re-name M-F, and just call them Sat-1 Sun-2 Sat-3 Sun-4 and Sat-5. Then I will call the real Sat-Sun: MoTuWeThFr-day.

Geez, no wonder I don’t do much bloggin on the weekends, no time!

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