Conservatives Tough Stance On Illegal Immigration: Liberal Newsweek Says “Attacking Latinos”

Like an idiot, I made the mistake of reading a few lines from the pages of a liberal “crap” rag; Newsweek. I will not waste my time linking to the article, because it is just total bull-shite. It says something about Romney’s “latino” voter numbers. 14% if I remember the number correctly. So let me get this straight: It is an attack on the entire “latino” population( whatever happened to just being an American?) when a candidate, or anybody else takes issue with illegal aliens? Here is the deal; you break the law, and you are a criminal. Period, and end of story. If people are here illegally, they should not have access to any social,medical, or any other government service.

Know where did I say that many of these folks are not good people. No where did I say that they need to be targeted for their skin color. We conservatives, and anybody else fed up with the liberal media dictating the conversation on illegal immigration, need to start getting loud, and intolerant, of these pieces of trash calling us racist, and bigots. We also have to start speaking out when ever we here these lies locally. City council meeting, in the work place, grocery stores, and eating establishments.

It is way past time for giving these folks a free pass. I know it is the Christian conservative’s way to be humble and polite, but this is one of the reasons we find ourselves in this mess. If we helped create it, we sure can help solve it too!

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