Bammy: Taking Responsibility For My Mistakes Is Woman’s Work

This is so disgusting that I am almost at a loss for “foul” words. I would love to see Hillary step down, and then promptly spill the Beans about the Zer-O- in Chump. The four Americans that were murdered would still be alive today if we had a president, and not a jack-assed community organizer running things.

Clinton: I’m responsible for diplomats’ securityFrom Elise Labott, CNN
updated 10:44 AM EDT, Tue October 16, 2012
Lima, Peru (CNN) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday tried to douse a political firestorm over the deadly assault on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya, saying she’s responsible for the security of American diplomatic outposts.

“I take responsibility,” Clinton told CNN in an interview while on a visit to Peru. “I’m in charge of the State Department’s 60,000-plus people all over the world, 275 posts. The president and the vice president wouldn’t be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals

Congressional workplace sexting – your tax dollars HARD at work (via Uppity Woman)

Well, as we have all heard, Anthony Weiner has been picked on his whole life because of his last name.  Even now, as an adult, people are hacking into his social media accounts and sending lewd photos of – well, a Weiner he doesn't recognize.  Here is Weiner so convincingly disavowing any knowledge of these terrible acts, although he is aware that these bad things go on in the world of social media.  And gosh, now they got HIM.  Probably because … Read More

via Uppity Woman

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