Chech Muslims And Southern Democrat Both Terrorist

So the crap pile who sent the poison laced letters is a self-proclaimed “liberal” and “christian.” Of course, he has proved he is only a liberal, and not a Christian. I have read The Bible, and nowhere do I find a command to murder political figures. But liberal are just fine with murder if it fits their views. Think abortion and legal suicide.

For the Check Muslims? I am still developing my take on the Boston Bombing, and I have questions about what, or what is not, being reported by the government. Quite a few years ago, I would have not even entertained the thought that our government would have a hand in acts of violence against our citizens, but Waco and Ruby Ridge changed all of that. I also see the Civil War as an act of violence that targeted American citizens. Read Gen Lee’s writings on the subject.

Back to the Chech Muslims. If they are the real culprits, we have a serious problem: These dudes are bad ass. They are the number one choice for terrorist to fill their ranks. And here is the kicker, how many of them are here in the states illegally? If we get shafted with the Amnasty Plan, brought to you by the unpatriotic Gang of 8, they will become citizens, along with all their family members who are not even in the country! I bet this is not being discussed on the news channels. Yet this simple Hillbilly in Cali can figure it out. I will go as far to say that there are evil forces behind the scenes in D.C. that want this. They want a reason to use federal law enforcement agencies against these folks, and then ultimately against any citizen who objects to the socialization of America.

Their is hope. The bombing in Boston may blow up the hopes of the anti-gun, pro-illegal alien supporters: More people may see the need to arm themselves and tighten who the heck is getting into our country. The gun control bill will shot down the other day and Obammy and Biden were pissed. If “Shamnasty” for illegals dies, and I think it will, it will expose the GOP phonies like Rubio and McCain for what they are: Team players for the political machine in DC. Yup, Rubio’s career is done. The GOP’s Cuban poster boy has been exposed as a fraud.

OK, I have to shut this down and work on a Fab Friday post. One with lots of beer, country music, and pork skins!

Also, you notice how the media stopped reporting on the murders of the D.A. in Texas when they found out it was not a White Aryan group? Just saying:)


Late Night And The Wheels Are Turning

Just kicking around the crap that went down in Boston, when this nugget jammed the wheels up in my noggin:

I was just thinking about the drop in the gold price, and this happens in Boston. Then I hear the families from the Sandy Hook shootings were in the stands. Though it might a kwinky dink, there are several hot/popular issues colliding at once: Financial, guns, sports, immigration(Saudi suspect) and terrorism. It draws the interest of almost every American. Is there something that the nefarious powers that control our government want is to miss? Just asking questions that the media should be asking.

For a simple guy who enjoys a ton of beer, and scratching puppy bellies, I often see connections in daily events. find it interesting that trillions of bucks have been spent on the DHS, but Boston still gets hit. We had an Army Sargent screaming Allah Akbar while on a killing spree on base, but it was deemed as work site violence. When an officer and his wife is killed in Texas, in with hours Aryan Nation groups are suspected. Then congress acted today, like greased lighting to stop a bill that would force them to post their personal financial wheelings and dealings.

I can’t quite put my mitts on it right now, but something is about to hit the barn roof. What it is, and how much of it, is the 100 dollar question.

Where’s My Change?

Looked at my recent pay stub, and the “New Normal” take home is officially $105.30 less than what is was. Less disposable income to spread around at the diners and taverns. Some people don’t get the fact that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Not the government.

Bammy Blowers, Check Your Check

For all of the blind,deaf,and ignorant who not only voted, but still worship the Chief Chump take a gander at your pay stub! So much for not stealing from the middle and lower class wage earners huh? Less money taken home equals less savings, nights out, investments, ect…. All the while the folks who don’t work are receiving more than ever. Bammy, along with Johnny McStain want to dump via amnesty, 11 million workers into the market. The real number will be closer to 30 million but hey, 19 million ain’t that big of a deal!

The hard-working American citizens who wants to do the right things; provide for themselves and not depend on the government, are SCREWED! It only took the liberal, self loathing white folks just over 200 years o run The Great Experiment into the ground. Thanks!

2013: The Year Of “IFTYS”

Geez, my Christmas break was out of control…kinda like my bladder after the 15th beer:) I spent a lot of time with a very close family member at the hospital. The vast majority of the nurses are nothing less than gifts from God. I can’t imagine how they do what they do, day in and day out, with out blowing a gasket. I am also amazed at how disrespectful many visitors can be towards the staff. I also noticed that, at least in this hospital, a ton of patients and their families don’t speak English. If I were living in a country, I would darn sure learn the primary language that doctors,nurses, and bankers speak. Just common sense.

And has any one noticed that your paychecks are a bit smaller this year? Between the FICA increase and the cost of medical insurance rising, thanks to D.C.’s socialist, working Americans are taking it in the poop shoot. This is why I am calling 2013 “IFTYS.” OK, it stands for “I F.cking Told You So.” Sad thing is, too many folks don’t care. They are perfectly happy being told what to do by the feds. I had a chat with a 55 plus white dude in the pharmacy line, and he was saying how great “Bamm-Care” is. I asked him why he believes this, and he responded that now “everyone will have healthcare”. I asked him if it is constitutional for the federal government to mandate people to have a service such as health care insurance? Nope, he had no answer except for ” I never thought of it like that?” Then he stated “It also keeps the CEO’s of the insurance companies from making too much money.” I wanted to call this guy an idiot, but he seemed nice. So I asked him where in the Constitution does it state that the government can dictate what a private citizen can earn from a private company? Again, he had no answer. I said that if the feds were not involved in the health insurance business, insurance would be much cheaper and more available to everyone. Again, I realized I was talking to a brick wall.

So here are a few predictions for 2013: I will piss off at least 100 people with my views and un-filtered comments. I will not care that I pissed off at least 150 folks. We will continued to be told how the millionaires and billionaires need to be taxed more, and never hear a word about how all the congress and senate folks are thus evil! Barry will never admit he has done anything wrong. The ghost of Ronald Reagan will kick Barry in the nads. More T.V. shows, and movies, will be made that show how white guys are stupid clods, and black/minorities are superior. I will be visited by the F.B.I. After posting my “Kick in the nads” comment above:) Thing is, his nads are held in a shoe box in Michey’s closet, and guarded by his mammy in law.

What Is The Public Charge Doctrine?

We could sure use the enforcement of this doctrine today.

What Is Public Charge Doctrine?

A “public charge” is someone who cannot provide for himself and thus relies on public assistance for a substantial part of his livelihood; it is someone who is a charge, or responsibility, of the public.6 Individuals who are deemed as likely to become charges of the public are excluded from entering the United States. If an immigrant becomes a public charge, he may be deported. With the rise of the welfare state in the United States since the Progressive Era, public assistance has increasingly come through the civil government; however, public aid historically had a heavy private sector, voluntary, charitable aspect.

The policy of excluding potential public charges seeks to ensure that individuals unable or unwilling to sustain themselves not burden society. It embodies the idea that an immigrant should be self-sufficient and contribute to the society granting him the privilege of becoming a new member. It is one of the conditions of the social contract. Immigration policy relates to the choosing among foreigners those whom a country will accept. Designating public charges as excludable rests within the rights of a sovereign nation to decide on those to whom to grant admission or the right to remain.

The chief goal of American immigration policy has always been to admit productive, self-reliant individuals who positively contribute to society. For instance, early goals of this country included settling frontiers and building commercial enterprises. Policymakers employed immigration to help reach these goals, largely limiting admission to able-bodied, responsible individuals. “Desirable” immigrants have been expected to pay taxes, exhibit republican virtues, and possess good moral character. Public charges fall under the category of “undesirables.” They put a drain on society, rather than contribute productively and positively to it.

Univision Viewers “Furious” At Obama And His Fast And Furious Guns To Gangs-Gate

At least they did not blame Bush!

The Spanish language television news network Univision unleashed a bombshell investigative report on Operation Fast and Furious Sunday evening, finding that in January 2010 drug cartel hit men slaughtered students with weapons the United States government allowed to flow to them across the Mexican border.

“On January 30, 2010, a commando of at least 20 hit men parked themselves outside a birthday party of high school and college students in Villas de Salvarcar, Ciudad Juarez,” according to a version of the Univision report in English, on the ABC News

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