Obama Makes Bin Laden Movie- Release date: Right before 2012 Elections! (via Short Little Rebel)

Prez Cooperates on Movie About Bin Laden Kill – "Downgrades" Office of President. Check out this great article by a fellow blogger, Sam Henry… Posted on August 11, 2011  by samhenry The Head of US Special forces objected to the release of the names of troops killed in the Afghan wilderness when the Taliban shot down their helicopter. There was also firm resistance to releasing even the fact that a Seal team had killed Bin Laden. But the Vice Pr … Read More

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It's Just Not That Hard (via Short Little Rebel)

When you see the sad, sad debt deal that cuts only 2 trillion over the next 10 years (within which we will also borrow another 10 trillion), that has no guarantees to extend the Bush tax cuts and that doesn't even touch the major causes for our debt crisis in the first place, do you just shake your head?  When you see southern border states attempt to enact legislation to protect their borders from illegal & violent immigration (M … Read More

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Anders Breivik's 2083 European Declaration of Independence: In Depth Analysis (via Short Little Rebel)

“Breivik is an atheist. That being said, he is completely obsessed with Medieval Catholicism- not for any religious reason, but for the political & social stances the Church had to power to implement on all of Europe at the time. The most important of these edicts from Medieval Catholicism is that 1) the man is more important than the woman and 2) the Pope & Church called for Crusades against the Muslims. As both these stances fully support Breivik’s need to feel more masculine, he latches on to the idea of the Medieval Church. His preoccupation with Medieval Christianity fits beautifully with his deep, inner fantasy of being a Knight. Further, he states that the reason he links his Resistance movement to the Church is for ‘marketing purposes’. He desires to present his in the most positive, acceptable light to the males in Europe for recruitment purposes alone. He describes, at length, the importance of marketing and outlines very lengthy, specific instructions for each Resistance ‘cell’”

Anders Breivik's 2083 European Declaration of Independence:  In Depth Analysis After reading Oslo bomber Anders Breivik's 1518 page, three book compendium on the history of multiculturalism, the justification for terrorism, methods of terrorism and descriptions of himself by himself, seven major conclusions can be made.  This article will list those conclusions with examples directly from the mouth & m … Read More

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