Why The Good Ol’ Boys And Girls In Both Parties Despise Ted Cruz

Just tak a listen to his pop’s story.

Everbody Is Welcome Here On The Hillbilly’s Porch

As I have expanded my blogging horizons, I have come across sites that range from art to foods. The nice people of these blogs are all welcome here. I don’t care about race,color,gender, sexual preferences,age, or political views. I know I may beat on liberals a bit, but most of them I have met through blogging are rather nice folks who I would have some beers with and hang out at a NASCAR race with!

If anyone has any questions about this, I say go visit my buddy Uppity Woman at her blog. I am very well liked over their. Kinda like a pet hillbilly! 🙂

God Bless ya all and have a great weekend.

I just wanted to bring this post back to the top of the blog. I am sincere when I say that I enjoy getting along with everybody.

Liberal Infection Of Our News Media: Cronkite Was One Of Them

Yes, this “America’s” anchor-man was a true blue, biased liberal. Here is a site with many quotes that a lot of Americans either never heard, or have forgotten about. And he did lie about the Tet Offensive on national tv!


“It seems to me that instead of cutting taxes, we ought to be increasing the taxes to pay off the deficit.”
— Cronkite on CNN NewsNight with Aaron Brown, June 18, 2003.

“If we are to avoid that catastrophe [a nuclear World War III], a system of world order — preferably a system of world government — is mandatory. The proud nations someday will see the light and, for the common good and their own survival, yield up their precious sovereignty, just as America’s thirteen colonies did two centuries ago. When we finally come to our senses and establish a world executive and parliament of nations, thanks to the Nuremburg precedent we will already have in place the fundamentals for the third branch of government, the judiciary.”
— Cronkite in his 1997 book, A Reporter’s Life.

“I think very definitely that foreign policy could have caused what has happened [last September 11]….It certainly should be apparent now — it should be, for goodness sakes understood now, but it is not — that the problem is this great division between the rich and the poor in the world. We represent the rich….Most of these other nations of Africa, Asia and South America and Central America are very, very poor….This is a revolution in effect around the world. A revolution is in place today. We are suffering from a revolution of the poor and have-nots against the rich and haves and that’s us.”
— Walter Cronkite on CNN’s Larry King Live, September 9, 2002.

Iran Releases Hikers- But Have They Learned Anything? I Think Not. (via Short Little Rebel)

Iran Releases Hikers- But Have They Learned Anything?  I Think Not. We are against Imperialism! We are Peace Activists! Iran should have loved us…. "I love the Middle East, you know, I would tell them about the fact that I support Palestinian rights…that I lived in Damascus, that I was teaching Iraqi refugees.. and that all of us are anti-Imperialists, peace activists- the kind of people you would think Iran would applaud, not punish.." "I'm interested in Iran!  It's a fascinating  country with just an incred … Read More

via Short Little Rebel

Nature of the Beast, Part I (via The Constitution Club)

Nature of the Beast, Part I Rule #1 for all conservatives ought to be this: Never let the left frame the debate or define the terms. They have created a political climate that insures leftward drift over more than two centuries. This drift was noted by former editor of National Review John O' Sullivan who coined O'Sullivan's First Law: All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing. Where did the inevitable leftward drift begin? Sherman s … Read More

via The Constitution Club

Top 15 Shameful Obama Epic Fails – Tea Party Nation (via Gds44's Blog)

Top 15 Shameful Obama Epic Fails - Tea Party Nation Top 15 Shameful Obama Epic Fails – Tea Party Nation. Posted by Kevin A. Lehmann With the Supreme Courts’ sharply divided 5-4 ruling back on Jan 21, 2010 in which a 63 year old law that restricted campaign contributions from labor and big business was overturned, you can be sure that the political juggernaut known as the Obama Administration will in fact hit their goal of raising $1 Billion dollars towards his reelection campaign. And a billion bu … Read More

via Gds44's Blog

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