Insider Trading Legal….If You Are In Congress

Why bombs were blasting in Boston, Barry Obama was busy bailing out the elected bums in congress. Sadly, I don’t think anything short of a large sink hole opening up and swallowing D.C. will stop these criminals.
Obama Signs Law Gutting Insider Trading Regulations For Congress

DS Wright
April 16, 2013

Yesterday President Obama signed a law that gutted the reporting requirements originally included in the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act. Before these changes were made the STOCK Act required congressional staffers to disclose their finances to the public to help ensure they were not engaging in corrupt practices.

But on second thought, President Obama and Congress decided that congressional staffers should be able to escape transparency.

President Obama quietly signed legislation Monday that rolled back a provision of the STOCK Act that required high-ranking federal employees to disclose their financial information online.

The White House announced Monday that the president had signed S. 716, which repealed a requirement of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act requiring the disclosure, which had previously been delayed several times by Congress.

You never heard of this political project to reinstate corruption incentives? Don’t be surprised.

Both chambers of Congress quickly — and near silently — approved the repeal legislation at the end of last week by unanimous consent, just before heading home to their districts.

That’s right. Unanimous consent, no one wanted to put their name down as openly supporting corruption while supporting corruption. And now President Obama has signed the bill guaranteeing a more corrupt Washington.

This article was posted: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 2:28 pm

Once Again The Lying Liar And The Lies He Tells: The World According To Obama

No “F”ing way! The Boy King gets the hog snot beat out of him on Wednesday by the now Might Mitt, The Mormon Hammer, The Caffine-Free Kid, The….awe never mind, ya’ get my drift, and B.K. starts running his mouth like a pencil-necked, high school loud-mouth. The B.K. has the audacity to claim that the nation’s un-employment rate has dropped to 7.8% since the debate? OOPSIE, he is talking about government jobs!

The B.K. is going to have to answer to Mitt on this. Does B.K. not understand Mitt is a business genius who does not need a teleprompter to expose this lie? The only chance B.K., and his nad licking supporters have, is that he goes for the voter’s heart-strings. Ya know, what most liberals base their morality on? If it makes you feel good, do it, and if it makes you feel bad, you must be a GOP’er,Conservative Christian, Right Wing extremist!

( – The best news anywhere in the U.S. economy over the past three months has been in the government sector, where unemployment has dropped dramatically from 5.7 percent in July to 5.1 percent in August to 4.3 percent in September, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Both the federal and state governments increased their employees in July, August and September.

The Obama administration has added 10,000 civilian workers to the federal government’s payroll since July, according to BLS. In that month, the federal government employed 2,804,000 civilian workers. In August, that increased to 2,810,000. And, in September, the number of civilian federal employees increased again to 2,814,000.

The BLS’s count of civilian federal employees does not include members of the military or individuals who work for certain intelligence gathering agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency and the NSA.

The Boy King Gets Crowned By Mitt

For the past four years, Obama has been shielded by the media, and his own goons. He never had to stand toe to toe with a foe with anybody with opposing views or criticism. Like a child raised by over protective parents: Playing soccer in an everyone wins league and “Helicoptering” him at school. Never spanking the boy when he throws a tantrum. Then one day the boy turns eighteen and flies the coop. When the first motivated, well-trained to win young man comes along…BAM! he gets smoked by the guy who has heart and believes in himself.

Just watch the first 10 minutes or so of the debate. Mitt is speaking his views and values, something you don’t need a teleprompter for. And what liberal folks don’t get, is the fact that if a candidate, like Mitt, was a bad choice, they could not count on Obama to reveal it. He does not have the skills!

Drinking On Work Time And Tax Payers’ Dimes!

Only in federal government jobs can an employee get paid to plan parties,drink,sit in hot tubs and in expensive Vegas hotel rooms, and not get fired! Drinking on work time and tax payers’ dimes!

You can read the full report here by the Office of the Inspector General.

The conference cost us $823,000. That’s pennies when put in context of the federal budget, but it’s the waste, fraud and abuse that is infuriating. For example:

–Conference planners spent $130,000 on two “scouting trips” to Vegas and five off-site planning meetings where government employees wined and dined themselves.

–The GSA spent nearly $150,000 on catering for the conference, including $5,500 for three semi-private in-room parties and $31,000—or $95 per person—on a closing reception.

–In one team-building exercise, attendees put together 24 bicycles at a cost $75,000.

–Thousands were spent on commemorative coins and a mind reader was paid $3,200 to provide entertainment.

–When the projected room costs went over budget, GSA shifted costs to the food and beverage side.

–Emails show that GSA official Jeff Neely organized a private party during the conference and had his wife, who does not work for GSA, invite personal friends, on the taxpayer’s dime. Wrote Neely, “I know. I’m bad. But as Deb (his wife) and I often say, why not enjoy it while we have it and while we can. Ain’t going to last forever.”

New Black Panther Leader Arrested

Awesome job and two thumbs up to the P.O. Let us hope the rest of this group is under the watch of law enforcement. Ya know, just like all of us gun owning, Bible carrying white folks are! 🙂

A New Black Panther Party leader who offered a $10,000 reward for the capture of the man who killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida was himself behind bars in suburban Atlanta today on a weapons charge.

Hashim Nzinga, 49, was arrested on Monday at the office

Read more:

Morning Ratman. This is a sore subject with me and I hold both parties responsible. I am sure you have read my post detailing how I could solve this mess in less than two years, and if pushed, I would say in 6-10 months. By executive order, I would not allow one drop of domestic fuels, in any form, leave our borders till the price reaches $1.50 or less. If the companies who are currently pumping the fuels refuse, I stop all their production, and allow private, American companies: and many would be new ones, to step in and do it. Their would be huge tax breaks for them as incentives. Once the prices reach $1.50, they would be allowed to sell the products on the world market, as long as the $1.50 price is maintained.

I don’t care what the flippin liberals, our anyone else says, it would work. They want to call it a government take over? F- you, call it what you will. We are the country that asked industries to help us fight WWII and they did. We kicked the MoFo NAzis,Japs, and Italy’s ass and we can’t frigging fix this problem? B.S.

Obama The Enkindler

I will keep this short and sweet. We have folks like the Bears head coach; Lovie Smith, calling on blacks to have Obama’s back. ““Our future’s looking bright because I trust the man who will be leading us into the future. And that man is Barack Obama,” Smith says before flipping a football.

“I have the president’s back and it’s left up to us as African-Americans to show that we have his back, also,” the coach says. “Join African Americans for President Obama today.”

So let’s get this straight Sir Lovie: Sounds as though y’all are asking black folks to vote for a guy simply because he is black? Even though he has very little in common with you, or most other average Joe’s.

So I what Barry the Enkindler wants are for whites to “have the “insert white candidates name here” back?
And we all know BTE wants to incite hate through class warfare.

Yup, so much for bringing the country,world, and universe together as one!:)


From my pal The Rat is Right Blog.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are surely breaking their opportunistic, race-baiting necks in a rush to Chapel Hill this morning. Yep, it appears that – once again – white folks at Duke University are once again discriminating against black folks. Oh, the humanity.

We’re not simply talking about a pole-dancing hooker lying about members of the lacrosse team this time; black Duke University students were singled out in a “racially-motivated” university research paper which found that blacks are disproportionately more likely to switch to easier majors than are their white counterparts.

How dare they conduct such an obviously racist study?

“The implications and intentions of this research at the hands of our very own prestigious faculty, seemingly without a genuine concern for proactively furthering the well-being of the black community is hurtful and alienating,” wrote the officers of Duke’s Black Student Alliance in an email sent to the state NAACP.

“Proactively furthering the well-being of the black community?” What the hell does that mean? Leveling the playing field? Affirmative action? Suppressing the results of the study? Not conducting the study in the first place?

The letter challenged the university to consider “What image has this report portrayed to the rest of the country, namely our peer institutions, about Duke and its black students?”

I have a more relevant (honest) question: What do the results of this study say about the students themselves? Is this not a classic (liberal) example of “shoot the messenger?” Rather than focus on the implication of the results of the study, its opponents choose to deny reality and focus on the study itself. Welcome – once again – to “progressive” America.

Understand what I’m saying here: The fact that black students switch to easier majors more frequently than do white students is of zero concern to me, nor do I find anything wrong with it. My point? Apparently, opponents of the research paper do find the idea abhorrent – or at least, embarrassing. If so, one would think they would seek to rectify the “problem,” rather than chastise those who bring it to light. But – then again, I’m using logic vs. racially-motivated emotion. Shame on me.

Obama’s History: Imagine If He Where White,Christian And Conservative?

Imagine how he would be treated if he was the complete opposite (Bizarro) politician. You think all of his past would not be questioned, dug into, and completely investigated by all the media?

I Am Right Once Again: The Presidential Elections Are Now Rigged.

I posted this at the Rat Is Right’s blog the other day. The only differance between the GOP’s endorsed candidates, and the DNC’s, are the speed in which they will move this country towards an official Nanny State.

I also made the comment that if, and when Rick Santorum made it to the top, he would be slimed by the left, and the DNC. It did not take long did it? Just ask that puke Alan Clomes. Here is my comments to The Rat.

Good morning Rat. It is appearing, sadly I might say, that the us conservative voters, along with the moderates, are going to have to choose between Mitt and Barry. Yuck. While we know what Barry and his handlers are up too, we also know that Mitt is not all that great either. It seems to me that the difference is; how fast you boil the frog. I made the statement that if Mitt gets the nod, then our presidential elections are truly rigged. Herman Cain was destroyed over innuendo, and Ron Paul is played off as a nut. Rick Santorum seems to be a very real, and nice guy. So this means he is next in line to be slimed. And Michelle B? That woman is awesome, and I hope she finds her way into the oval office someday. And look at John McShame. He just threw his support to Mitt. Just more proof we conservatives are about to become pilgrims in an unholy land.

Here is Santorum speaking about has baby that passed away:
In his Senate office, on a shelf next to an autographed baseball, Sen. Rick Santorum keeps a framed photo of his son Gabriel Michael, the fourth of his seven children. Named for two archangels, Gabriel Michael was born prematurely, at 20 weeks, on Oct. 11, 1996, and lived two hours outside the womb.

Upon their son’s death, Rick and Karen Santorum opted not to bring his body to a funeral home. Instead, they bundled him in a blanket and drove him to Karen’s parents’ home in Pittsburgh. There, they spent several hours kissing and cuddling Gabriel with his three siblings, ages 6, 4 and 1 1/2. They took photos, sang lullabies in his ear and held a private Mass.

“That’s my little guy,” Santorum says, pointing to the photo of Gabriel, in which his tiny physique is framed by his father’s hand.

Here is what the puke Colmes said:
See video above!

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