Thanks Be To God: Billy Willy And B.W. Pulling Through!

Dr. Rob just informed us that my boys were able to eat a little bit of chicken today. If they can keep it in their boiler, and not puke it out, they can come home tomorrow! Phew! Looks like they just might get to go fishing and drinking ber with their dad this summer.

Again I have to thank Dr. Santos for being such a great friend and doctor, because the friend allows me to make monthly payments for services I could not otherwise afford, and to the doctor whose skills are second to none!

Tink 006

Bill Willy and B.W. are the two that are asleep, Tula is their sister in the middle.

Update: Two Sick Puppies Hospitalized

This is horrible, but thank God my long time friend, and vet, is on the case. It is a stomach virus that is the culprit, and we are figuring it was either something in the dirt, which they eat worms out of, or the litter box. I am not sure what the odds are for them pulling through, I am still on the hopeful side seeing that I have not received a phone call since leaving them at the vet yesterday afternoon.

I stress-out over my sick pups, more than my family due to the simple fact that dogs rely %100 on me to care and watch out for them. I have an amazing track record when it comes to caring for my furry family members.

Lets pray that Bill Willy and B.W. pull through, I am really looking forward to taking them fishing this summer over my 70 day vacation.

The Flu “Bug”Billy

Don’t know if all the dusty air had anything to do with my latest malady, but something from the mind of Steven King made an appearance in my head and lungs! It sure makes me aware of how blessed I have been over the years with good health. I also want to know how so many different colored liquids can be produced by my snot locker and gullet? Play-Doh has nothing on me. 🙂

Dang Flu Bug

This is killin’ me! I go all year pretty much healthy, then when the weather gets nice, my ears plug up throat gets sore. And I have a week of golf season left on top of it all! So i decided to bite the bullet and stay home Monday, not wanting to infect the staff at work. How the heck this bug was able to put down roots, with all of the beer, and bbq sauce in me is beyond me. Maybe it is a Hillbilly flu bug!

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