The Legal Finacial Rewards Of Illgeal Immigration

For the longest time, I have been unable to figure out the reason why many self glossed conservative, or patriotic politicians are in support of granting amnesty for illegal aliens, and who are unwilling to fight to close our borders. Even during the ongoing War on Islamic Terror. But I now know why. I am going to list names of individuals, and companies that use federal dollars to grow their wealth; Dollars that are coming via federal departments such as I.C.E. Like Dirty Harry stated so well; “A man has got to know his limitations”, and I do. My article will not be the best written or laid out, but it will contain enough information to get the more talented writers who are nice enough to read my scribblings write their own material. So let me crank my tractor over and get to seeding my field of information. I do want to thank Michael Savage for his broadcast that gave me the name of Norman Carlson and A.L.E.C. This got my Hillbilly wheels a spinning.

I am going to kick the trip off The Palm Aire Hotel. Wackenhut Corporation, and its G.E.O. company. GEO has received roughly 900 million from ICE over the years. Now think about the term Prisons for profit, Norman Carlson, and the American Legislative Exchange Council. Here are some hedge funds that will be a blast researching: Black Rock fund Advisors, River Road Asset Management, Eagle Asset Management, and Carlson Asset Management. Oh, a few more; Black Rock Institute, Hotchkis and Wiley, Vanguard Group. They are making money off of GEO stocks.

More companies: ishares corporation and ishares Russell 2000. Vanguard Small Index Fund, and Total Stock Market Fund. Now remember GEO? one of their board of directors is Norman Carlson. Former director of federal prisons. Remember A.L.E.C.? They key funders are David and Charles Koch. They are also big donors to the G.O.P.

Like I said, the above info ain’t very well organized. I did not fancy it up with all my awe schucks Hillbilly terminology. And please visit Dr. Michael Savage’s website where he lays this out in words like only he can!

Where Have All The Generals Gone?

Obama’a handlers are trying to shut down the voices that can reveal what really went down in Benghazi. My take is that Ambassador Stevens was allowed to be murdered because he was probably overseeing illegal arms deals. Just saying!

From Michael Savage’s web page:

Obama fired 4 generals to cover up Benghazi

Maj. Gen. Ralph Baker, commander of the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, was fired March 28, according to a Washington Defense official.

The command is headquartered in Djibouti and runs U.S. military operations in East Africa, including some counter-terrorism operations.

Baker, a two-star general, is appealing the firing, which was ordered by his boss, Gen. Carter Ham, the commanding general of all U.S. military operations across Africa.

He was relieved of his duty for loss of confidence, three Defense officials told CNN.

It was second embarrassing dismissal of a high ranking officer involved in the U.S. military hierarchy in Africa in five months.

Gen. William “Kip” Ward, the first four-star general to command U.S. military operations in Africa, was demoted for excessive spending from duty at U.S. Africa Command (Africom).

He lost one star and retired a lieutenant general.

Ward used his rank to shuttle his wife on shopping sprees, enjoyed a lavish beachfront trip and once accepted a Defense contractor’s gift of going backstage to meet actor Denzel Washington.

There are reports that two high-ranking military officers, Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette and General Carter Ham, were fired by Obama for wanting to come to the assistance of the beleaguered U.S. missions in Benghazi.

The Anti-Bucket List: Also Known As The “F”it List

Ya hear so many folks talking about their bucket list. From traversing the globe, running with the bulls, ( or in San Fransisco running with the Bull Dykes!), sky diving, or riding a bike across America. Folks have stuff they want to do before they sleep with the worms. Of course, sometimes the Bucket List advances the onset of death. So I figure I would take a different vantage point: The Anti-Bucket List. Crap you want to never do….unintentionally, in private, or in public for that matter. So in no particular order,probably not related to the thread’s title, and seeing that I have extreme ADD and could not place it in any type of logical order anyway!

Being short of breath while tying your shoes…then asking yourself why you don’t have slip on shoes?

Trying to impress a lady 20 years your junior with lines like, ” If your dad has a problem with us dating, I will just trash-can him like I did when we went to high school.” or “You are Cyndi Lauper hot!”

Entering into a Bingo tournament to meet single women.

Eating your meal out of the frying pan so you don’t have to do the dishes.

Dressing in the latest Urban Wear gear when going anywhere.( This only applies to non-black folks.)

Reading “Michael Savage’s” books in Starbuck’s trying to provoke a liberal into a verbal confrontation. This really works, but it stops the liberal babes from talking to you….This is also known as speed dating.

Buying a three-wheeled bicycle with a rear basket so you can peddle around with a cooler of coolies.

Installing handrails in your shower,and next to the crapper.

Dressing up as Matlock for Halloween and nobody noticing it is a costume.

Buying a case of Depends for Super Bowl Sunday because you don’t want to miss the 18 hours of coverage and commercials.

Buying 10 more cases of Depends because it is conducive to a beer drinking, laid backed life style you have always aspired to have!

The Words Of Dr. Savage

From Michael Savage’s news letter:

“If I ever had a vision like Nancy Pelosi did,” Savage told listeners, “I’d have to call 911 and ask to be relieved of my duties.”

That said, Michael Savage admitted to having a dream about American politicians past and present that gave him plenty to think about.

“I dreamed that Mitt Romney was Abraham Lincoln,” Savage said, adding:

Now, Lincoln was not such a decent man. He was a pretty vicious, horrendous murderer, incidentally.

But image-wise, I somehow morphed Romney and Lincoln.

If you actually study Lincoln, he was a ruthless politician. He decimated the South for no reason. He had his generals burn Southern cities to the ground.

Yet he’s seen as the great liberator. You have to see the bigger picture.

There are arguments that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, or very little to do with it; that it was more of an economic war between the North and the South. I don’t want to get into that right now.

What’s relevant is the fact that I dreamed that Romney was Lincoln.

That means that, in my mind, he’s coming across as sort of a tragic figure. That’s the whole point.

We’re no longer living in 1860. Back then, if you had a tragic look about you, it was somewhat appealing to a nation that still had morality and still understood that there was a God in heaven.

But America no longer has any sympathy with a man who has a tragic look. Today, everybody wants a winner.

They want a fake winner with fake teeth and fake hair, fake heart, fake soul.

In other words, they want a complete phony.

Therefore, with Romney as the GOP candidate, and a liar on the other side, we have real trouble on our hands.

Dr. Michael Savage Speaks On Eastwood And The Chrysler Rip-Off

Even the mighty Eastwood has been fooled by Barry and his thug buddies.

“The people in Detroit know something about this,” Eastwood says of the harsh economic conditions of the past several years. “They almost lost everything. But we all pulled together. Now Motor City is fighting again.”

But Savage told his listeners that while most Americans believe that Chrysler repaid the loan, “if you read the fine print, Chrysler ran off with $1.3 billion.”

“It was astonishing for a man who allegedly is somewhat conservative … to be talking about bailing out the auto industry,” Savage said of Eastwood.

Savage traced the $12.5 billion that the Treasury Department gave Chrysler in 2009. Last year, the Italian automaker Fiat bought the government’s 6 percent stake in Chrysler, which closed the books on the feds’ involvement.

In the end, taxpayers were out $1.3 billion

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