The Words Of Dr. Savage

From Michael Savage’s news letter:

“If I ever had a vision like Nancy Pelosi did,” Savage told listeners, “I’d have to call 911 and ask to be relieved of my duties.”

That said, Michael Savage admitted to having a dream about American politicians past and present that gave him plenty to think about.

“I dreamed that Mitt Romney was Abraham Lincoln,” Savage said, adding:

Now, Lincoln was not such a decent man. He was a pretty vicious, horrendous murderer, incidentally.

But image-wise, I somehow morphed Romney and Lincoln.

If you actually study Lincoln, he was a ruthless politician. He decimated the South for no reason. He had his generals burn Southern cities to the ground.

Yet he’s seen as the great liberator. You have to see the bigger picture.

There are arguments that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, or very little to do with it; that it was more of an economic war between the North and the South. I don’t want to get into that right now.

What’s relevant is the fact that I dreamed that Romney was Lincoln.

That means that, in my mind, he’s coming across as sort of a tragic figure. That’s the whole point.

We’re no longer living in 1860. Back then, if you had a tragic look about you, it was somewhat appealing to a nation that still had morality and still understood that there was a God in heaven.

But America no longer has any sympathy with a man who has a tragic look. Today, everybody wants a winner.

They want a fake winner with fake teeth and fake hair, fake heart, fake soul.

In other words, they want a complete phony.

Therefore, with Romney as the GOP candidate, and a liar on the other side, we have real trouble on our hands.

Nice Guy Finishes First

Rick seems to be the Tebow Of the GOP.

After Rick Santorum’s stunning success, a Mitt Romney nomination looks far from inevitable

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