WWII Hero Murdered By Two Blacks : Hey Obama Could They Be Your Sons?

I can hardly put into words how angry I am about the murder of this WWII hero and the blacks that did it. The media will not mention the facts: Blacks killing innocent whites because of their skin color. Heck, the media barely reports about the out of control black on black crime! When the rubber hits the road, my money is on us goood ol’ boys coming out on top.

An 88-year-old World War II veteran was savagely beaten by two teenagers in a parking lot in Spokane, Wash., on Wednesday evening, KXLY-TV reports. Delbert Belton died in the hospital Thursday morning from the injuries he sustained in the brutal attack.

Response To Guest Opinion: Carol J. Ornelas’ “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Needed”

Here is a my letter that is published in the latest copy of the Riverbank News. It was in response to a guest editor’s post:
Response To Guest Opinion: Carol J. Ornelas’ “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Needed”

I would like to submit this for publication under Letters To The Editor: In response to the Guest Opinion by Carol J. Ornelas entitled “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Needed”, I would like to question some of her assertions. Lets start with the obvious: It is not “Reform”. It is the blatant disregard by our state and federal governments to enforce the laws that regulate immigration. “The majority of immigrants” (of course, she is lumping legal and illegal into one pile) “in California are working in agriculture,construction, or the service industry.” This is great news for the masses of unemployed workers in California. And don’t try to drop the “only illegal immigrants are willing to work certain jobs.” Remove the illegal alien workers, and the employers will find employees to fill the void. “To keep our economy strong, we must pass a comprehensive immigration reform..” Really? our economy is in the tank now, so this is just a blatant lie. “Parents and children are torn a part as they are separated from one another.” Why is this a concern? Good parents will take their children with them. Of course, some countries do not grant citizenship to people born outside of their countries. Besides, illegal aliens made the choice to break the law, so they must be willing to accept responsibility for their actions. I also notice that Carol fails to address the illegal alien population that is incarcerated and how illegal aliens have affected our K-12 educational system. Lastly, notice who employs Carol and who her company has teamed with: La Raza. Citizenship is not a right, it is a privilege. To give it to any person simply because they are able to circumvent our laws is wrong an immoral.

Here is a link that provides company names that are directly associated with the name Carol J. Ornelas. Looks like there is some cash being made too me.

Wal-mart Has It All: Tires, Table Cloths, And Tricks

Geez, disgusting and hilarious all at once. Dude giving hummers at the store. How the heck did he ring this up after going down? 🙂 Homeboy should change his name to “Falitio” Bills!


Foster Bills, 22, was arrested after Wal-Mart managers contacted state troopers to report that they had received “an anonymous complaint of a male subject performing sexual acts in a secluded location” in the Queensbury store.

The “secluded location” was apparently a Wal-Mart bathroom, and johns were solicited through Craigslist “casual encounters” ads

Search Engines: Yahoo 2, Everyone Else Double Digits

Yup, since recieving th Yahoo/WP e-mail, I have two searches from Yahoo. Yesterday, I had over 50 at this time. All the other are deep in the double digits with Boston Marathon being the most searched term.

Something is not right. Just like when I heard how all the cell service shut down yesterday in Boston.

Bammy Blowers, Check Your Check

For all of the blind,deaf,and ignorant who not only voted, but still worship the Chief Chump take a gander at your pay stub! So much for not stealing from the middle and lower class wage earners huh? Less money taken home equals less savings, nights out, investments, ect…. All the while the folks who don’t work are receiving more than ever. Bammy, along with Johnny McStain want to dump via amnesty, 11 million workers into the market. The real number will be closer to 30 million but hey, 19 million ain’t that big of a deal!

The hard-working American citizens who wants to do the right things; provide for themselves and not depend on the government, are SCREWED! It only took the liberal, self loathing white folks just over 200 years o run The Great Experiment into the ground. Thanks!

“Tatu” Terms For Barry?

Check out this video of folks who were asked if the constituion should be changed so Barry could attempt a third term. Put on your deep thinker’s cap so ya’ don’t miss anything!


Who Should Care About CAIR? We Should

I did not hear a peep from the cable news organizations about this!


American Freedom Law Center | Nov 26, 2012

Washington, D.C. (November 26, 2012) – Last Friday, the Law Offices of David Yerushalmi, P.C. and the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) filed a devastating legal brief supported by hundreds of pages of evidence,http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/p19154.xml asking a federal judge to find the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) liable to five of its former clients for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The legal brief demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt that CAIR is a criminal organization that deceptively holds itself out to the public as the nation’s largest Muslim-American civil rights organization.

Tis Always The Season To Have A Reason

I know it is the Christmas season, so I should lighten up a bit on my topics of discussion, but after a conversation the other day with a buddy, it is apparent that almost all politicians need “Reasons” for everything. Every major political issue has a “Reason” behind it. The less than human shooter in CT had . Thus, the government must dooooo something to prevent the next event. Just think forced medical care and incarceration. Hi momma had a cache of weapons, that were purchased legally. Thus, more government control of fire-arms and ammo. Yes, ammo. Some dumb-ass here in Cali wants people who purchase ammo to go through a background check, and have a permit.

Affirmative Action is an easy one, but one that would piss me off to no end if I were a minority….Oh wait, it affects the white majority as well, so I am pissed off! People get preferred treatment for jobs and college due to the simple fact of the color of their skin, and not because they busted their rear, worked hard, and earned something the old fashion way.

OK, a couple of random thoughts before I semi-shut’er down for a few days seeing that I am on a three-week Christmas vacation run. Why is the liberal movie moguls willing to hold the openings of their violent movies because of what happened in CT? Are the admitting the movies may in some way be responsible? Of course not, it is all about free publicity. Just ask the now out of the closet racist Jaimie Foxx. Why is there no investigations into the issue that many of America’s youth are being medicated with powerful, mind altering drugs? People freak when a kid gets nailed smoking some skunk weed, but readily applaud for jamming legal pills down a kid’s gullet that mellows them out.

Lastly, where the heck has all the good beer commercials gone? Most of them now are filled with metro-sexuals from every race that would never walk into a bar with a jukebox, and have never mowed their lawn…probably don’t even own a lawnmower. Though they probably have some lesbian friends! Give me the old Miller Lite commercials with Bubba Smith, John Madden, and Billy Martin. Bud has had some great ones over the years too. Maybe this Hillbilly is just asking too much….At least I don’t need a reason to power down some brews.


Connecticut Shooting, Hillary Faints, Benghazi Hearings Buried?

There is no doubt that what happened in Connecticut was pure evil. The news stations where all over it. Every federal law enforcement agency showed up: FBI,ATF, DHS, and they were in full battle-field gear. Really? In a small town in Connecticut the feds were able to assemble a response team that would have saved Mr. Stevens and the other brave Americans in Benghazi. Mr. Obama was on the mike not long after all of the innocent lives were snuffed out by one guy at an elementary school.
But the so-called most powerful man in the free world, who controls the most powerful and efficient armed forces the world has ever known, could do nothing in Benghazi? There should be no doubt that the buck stops with Obama, and he allowed the Benghazi attack to happen.

Then we see that Miss Hillary bumped her bucket and can not spill the beans on Barry. This administration is either the luckiest ever, or they have made a pack with the Satan. You think we will see much written, or spoken about this at an in-depth level? No way. But watch how the media will probe the shooting to the depths rarely seen in reporting any more. Guns, and Autism will be shredded by the most unqualified of liberal voices. And once again, we will be told that all guns need to be banned, just because a few crazed folks go on a rampage. But you don’t hear much about the daily violence committed by gang members of color that kill far more than any of these recent public shooting sprees. That’s right, they ain’t white so it is racist to discuss such things.

One a couple of thoughts: Why don’t we hear much about the mind altering drugs that are given to children with mental issues like ADHD? Many people are quick to want to ban fire-arms, but not the legal drugs.Big Pharma spends a ton of lettuce with the networks, and on politicians. Oh, and what about 53 million plus abortions that have been since 1973?

Bibi, Hillbilly And Barry Sitting In A Bar

Sounds like the start of a joke, but the punch line is far from funny. I was having a discussion with a pal of mine, and we were discussing the current attack on Israel by the Palestinians. We both are God-fearing dudes, and we believe Israel, and the conservative Jews there are cared for, and protected by God. We also believe that conservative Christians and conservative Jews need to stick together, because the rest of the world don’t take to kindly to us.

So I posed a question to him: ” If it came down to fighting for a people, who would be number one on your list?” I answered my question, and could not believe what I was saying. I said “Given the current state of affairs in our country, and the world, and knowing that God is number one, I would have Bibi and his country’s back before I would fight for Barry and his mooching, anti Christian, robbing from the successful and giving to the slackers, abortion supporting 53% of the U.S. population’s socialistic punks.”

I am sure that when some folks read this, they will say I am willing to sellout my country for Israel. Really? Since 48, Israel has been like a brother two the US. There ain’t much difference between our military forces, with the exception they do not fight under the U.N. flag. They never apologize for using force to protect themselves from enemies, even when the U.S. ask them to. They give up real estate to try to pacify their murderous neighbor. And they always have our backs. We also share common enemies. Also, the U.S. is not living next door to death loving, stone aged muslim throw backs who are lobbing rockets into our country. No, the government and 53% of the population won’t even stop illegal aliens from all over the world from walking across our borders.

So, if I were sitting at a bar, with Bibi on my right, Barry on my left, and a couple of bearded freaks named Mo and Hammy started talking crap. I would not worry about Barry, because he will already be doubled over in apologizing for everything that never happened. Bibi would be able to square up and handle Mo, but I would be there to horse collar Hammy and send him to his 72 goat virgins when he tries to Pearl Harbor Bibi.

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