Musc For My 60’s Lovin’ Friends

Here ya go. I know the Hillbilly can poke some fun at hippies, and their bards. Just remember, it is all in fun. 🙂

Dead Monkee: Davey Jones Dies In Florida

This is sad. The Monkee’s were what rock music should be all about: Fun!

Reuters) – Davy Jones, former lead singer of the 1960s made-for-television pop band The Monkees, died on Wednesday after suffering a heart attack in Florida, according to his longtime publicist. He was 66.

Jones’ death was confirmed by Christine Weekes, administrative manager for the medical examiner’s office in Fort Pierce, Florida, near the Martin Memorial Hospital South where the performer had been taken.

80’s/90’s Fun And Dancing: Scratch Master DJ Hillbilly

Start dancin’ but please don’t spill yer beer!

The Hillbilly Goes 70’s

Again, I love old country and anything Elvis, and 80’s retro. So here are a few, and there are very few, of my 70’s favs!

More Pete

49’er fans. Check out the drummer!

My Inner Hill-Hippie-Billy

Ok, I know this Who song is not from the 60’s, but it is bad arse!
Here are some 60’s tunes.

Like Mr. Sinatra Sang: I Did It My Way

Well, let me change this to the present tense; “I am doing it my way” This is to say that if I am going to make this tangled relationship between food, conservative views, and my ever beloved, and most sacred BEER, work, I am going to have to find some recipes that fit my lifestyle and reputation. So this is really going to be a barrel of rusted, and tangled barbed wire…NOT.

When it comes to cooking, I really don’t do it. I pretty much mold my outdoor grilling menu to fit the indoor options. So instead of the chicken,pork,beef, zucchini, and baked tators Occupying Grill Street, they instead get their marching orders to Occupy Frigidaire Street, or Crock Pot Avenue. The only constant is the 12oz Beer Force that patrols the area in order to keep everyone, that’s me, happy.

So the Hillbilly is calling on his new, and very well liked Foodie-Nation friends to give me some recipes that are extremely spicy, and down right as hot hog snot on a July afternoon in Death Valley. And hot enough to make my Hillbilly buddies curse me the morning as they are dropping off “Obama in the Brown Room.” See, I am really starting to make this work!

All amount of heat is welcome. Large, slow cooking flesh is my favorite items, as it allows for maximum time to spend with the Suds Patrol. The recipes must also allow for leftovers, or a better term would be “Right Overs” because they are good buddies with that hard ass officer “Hang Over.”
And Elvis! Sing along.

What albums did you listen to the most while growing up?

Al right, just trying out this feature provided by WordPress.
Albums? I was in junior high during the late 70′ so I had Beatle albums.I did not realize at the time that it was drug induced hippy music. Then again, it is hard to find a band, or artist, that was not drug induced!

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