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Bilderberg Concerned Over Mass Protests

Source: Secretive group irate over record number of demonstrators, media coverage

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, May 28, 2012
Bilderberg is also fuming over the significant amount of press coverage they have received before the conference has even started, most notably a Politico article that highlighted an story about Florida Senator Marco Rubio being a Bilderberg favorite for Romney’s VP.

Bilderberg has worked for over 50 years to keep the details of their meetings private, but this year’s confab promises to deliver a deluge of revelations about the group’s agenda, a threat that has Bilderberg running scared.

Bilderberg’s attitude towards those who rail against the group’s underhanded influence on world affairs is notoriously elitist. During the 2010 conference in Spain, London Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton overheard Bilderberg organizers complain about the fact that people had “enough income” to be able to travel and protest against Bilderberg.

Christian Conservative America Is Screwed?

Call me jaded, but we are in for a disaster. I see Newt as an operative for the RHINO’s and Dems. I do not believe that he voice of the TEA PART/Conservative voice. For gosh sakes, he made the commericail with Pelosi about how man made global warming was real.
Look at how Cain was treated? Not one black organization came to his defense! And Cain could have been called out on his relationship with the Federal Reserve. Cain was a magnet for the TEA Party vote. Now Newt is trying to take it over. I am sorry to say, but in my opinion, Conseravtive Christian America is screwed.
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by The Rat


If it weren’t already “official,” it’s definitely official now: The Boy King declared in Kansas this week that his re-election fight will be all about income inequality. (Think about it, loons, “equal opportunity” and “income equality” are not mutually-inclusive terms.) According to a fact check by the Washington Post, it’s also going to be a fight against hard facts and inconvenient truths. True to form, Lord Obama lashed out at Republicans and George Bush for economic conditions that have mainly come during his own “stewardship” of the economy:

•Obama’s claim of the “slowest job-growth”includes the loss of jobs under his reign. The Regime provided as “evidence” a report on a New York Times blog that was based on gross domestic product data through 2010, or the first two years of the Obama Regime.
•The Regime also cited a Center on American Progress report on job growth through 2007, which showed monthly job-growth of 68,000 during the Bush business-cycle. Guess what? Job-growth under Obama — just 40,500 a month – is far worse, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Anti-White Media (via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views)

Play this game while watching your next television program. Begin by viewing T.V. commercials from a wholly different perspective than from what you've been accustomed to. Pay close attention to the assigned characters in T.V. commercials who supposedly represent a fair cross-section of the population in your average western country.  Notice how almost every T.V. commercial  must have their token Black character incongruously inserted into play-a … Read More

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South Africa Falling Into Decay (via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views)

Mike Wilson South Africa – the name conjures up visions of White colonialism, riches of diamonds and gold, beautiful cities, beautiful people, rich farmlands and technical innovation. A strong and vibrant country with a modern army and air force and an air of expectancy, handed down from Afrikaner (Whites) father to son, that their land would be the greatest in the whole continent. [youtube= … Read More

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Former CIA Black Ops member confesses NWO plan (via Angelbabe43's Blog)

WATCH FULL INTERVEIW AT BOTH LINKS BELOW THE TATUM CHORICLES Related articles Schools Desperate To Prepare Children For Globalism and NWO (thed … Read More

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Sweden's Suicide Mission (via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views)

Sweden's Suicide Mission S.R. Larson When I was politically active back in the ’80s, I learned that if Swedish politicians are given two alternative courses of action to choose between, they will, as if driven by a force of nature, always choose the dumbest alternative. This learning experience has helped me understand Sweden’s slow but steady decline over the past 20 years, but it has also been a sourc … Read More

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