Crosby Stills Nash Dylan, And Hillbilly

Talk about a whole lot junk piling up in my burn pile. I was driving home tonight from the gym, and I was attempting to tune into my country classics station. Instead, I hit the River;105.5, where everything from the 50’s to 2000’s are played. The singer that is playing is Dylan. No mistaking this guy’s voice, and it was a 60’s tune, because one of the lines had to do with watching out for the “man”. No problem, the Hillbilly likes the song well enough to stick it out and take a listen to the next beat. Well, it is Crosby, Stills, and Nash, featuring Stephen Stills. I like the hippies voice and he plays a mean string box. The song is Dark side, which I have heard maybe once. This is another group of hippies that where all about peace, love, and fighting the man. So I started grinding my gears a bit.

These guys where accusing the federal government, and just about every politician and every conservative white dude of “keeping them down.” For whatever that is worth! So this is where the Hillbilly gets his tractor steaming: The man, and men in power now, who are sticking it the people, are the party of the hippies! Where are the songs about Benghazi? Four Dead in Libya? I guess they don’t want to admit that they Got Fooled Again,and again! They were all for freedom of expression, peace and love. But they don’t raise a guitar pick to defend Christian’s rights.

If BHO looked liked LBJ, there would be gaggle of bald, hippie lettuce smokin’, flip-flop wearin’ folks singing “Give Peace A Chance” all around the country. But hypocrites don’t roll like that I guess.

In Response To Allan D. Clark’s ” Political Action Matters!”

As most of you all know, I work for a school district in California, and sadly, a member of the C.S.E.A. The reason why I use the word “sadly” to describe my union, is that it is controlled by people who have helped to destroy California’s tax base. After 30 plus years of endorsing liberal California candidates for offices that they are almost always elected too, they increase taxes and create regulations that drive businesses out-of-state.

This brings me to the words of the CSEA’s president, Alan D. Clark, who also happens to be an employee in my district. “As leaders of a labor union, we must do everything possible not only to protect what we have and survive through these tough times, but to thrive and grow our organization so that we can move forward into the future.”

My first response to these words? “The leaders have done everything possible to create this mess!” He wrongly associates the early private unions with the public employees unions. The words “everything possible should worry any California tax payer. I sat in a meeting when Mr. Clark was our Chapter’s president. He said that day that, “If we see our superintendent, board member, or district negotiation member in public, that we should approach them, get in their face, and ask tell them what we think.” IO could not believe what I was hearing. It was mean, cold hatred hate to the core.

So I can just imagine what the “everything possible” means. This is why I am going to run for my chapter’s top seat. I am tired, and I am sure there are many more like me, of my union being guided by people who are in bed with the most liberal, anti-business, pro-taxes politicians and organization in America.

My best campaign platform is ” The C.S.E.A has had it way for the past 30 plus years, and look at the mess we are now in?” I would like to see some loony liberal public union leader defend the 30 year record!

Left United Right Divided

From Savage’s e-mail:

Michael Savage notes that this division is in marked contrast with the behavior of leftists, who work hard to present a united front.

“Here’s something I’ve noticed and heard about from others who work inside the whole system,” Savage told listeners:

A higher-up told me today that everybody on the conservative side hates everybody else. Nobody likes anybody. Everybody puts everybody else down behind the scenes.

And I agree.

The left is united; the right is divided.

For some reason, the communists, socialists and anarchists line up behind each other. They never say anything negative about each other.

And the reason is simply because we conservatives are more free-spirited. We’re not as bound by a party.

But that’s how the Communist Party used to work: Nobody dared to step out of line in the old days.

If they did, they were ejected from the party.

That’s what the Democrats are today. That’s why there’s total unity behind Obama, because he is in essence the equivalent of a communist leader.

Meanwhile, every conservative snipes about the others behind their backs and puts them down.

At least I do it openly. They won’t.

I find fault with everybody and I tell you that. I’m a free spirit and that’s how I see it.

The liberals never criticize each other.

The mark of a free man is someone who can criticize somebody.

Obama’s Green “Bain” In The Ass Donor

Barry and his pack rats sure like to dig up, or down, anything possible on The Mitt. But I’ll be darned, if I have not heard a word, or a key board click at The Huffo-Po about this:

Aug 23, 3:18 AM EDT

AP Exclusive: Energy loan watchdog an Obama donor

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — A veteran Wall Street executive who performed an independent review that exonerated the Obama administration’s program of loans to energy companies contributed $52,500 to re-elect President Barack Obama in the months since completing his work, according to an Associated Press review of campaign records. The executive defended the integrity of his conclusions and said he decided to donate to Obama after his work was finished.

The Their Fair Share Myth

That is right, there is no such thing as fair share for us tax payers. The constitution made it clear that the feds should provide for national security, and should leave about everything else to the states. That went out the door with the win by the Northern aggressors over the Confederate States of America.

So we now have an all intrusive Uncle Nanny Sam who is in the loan, health, and retirement business. So almost all of the have-nots have realized they can receive/steal freebies from the haves; better known as the working folks.

So these mooches, who like to rant and rave about fair share, and ask to be called stupid for wanting to take the fruits of other men’s labors, consider your self stupid.
So these mooches, who like to rant and rave about fair share, ask to be called stupid for wanting to take the fruits of other men’s labors, consider your self stupid. If folks find themselves out of work, then they need to look at themselves,and their families for help, not other people’s wallets. We are not guaranteed success in this life, and everyone should never expect to be given anything from the government. Sadly, spoiled little children, when things don’t go their way, even when it is due to their incompetence, they want a bailout.

Fatal Shooting At Christian College

Who is the shooter and why did he target this college?–oikos-university-shooting-multiple-dead-at-oakland-college

A gunman opened fire at a private Christian college in Oakland, California, on Monday, killing at least two people and wounding at least four, authorities said.

Oakland police said in a brief written statement that a possible suspect was in custody after the shootings at Oikos University.

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