The Big 20…0!

I don’t even feel like a day, or follower, over 199! Thanks to my 200 follwer Janet for pointing out the fact I just reached this mark. I can’t imagine anyone other than my dogs, and cats, and a few other beer guzzling, finger pulling, catfishing friends reading anything I write.

I know I ain’t the greatest writer in the trailerhood, but I have to have a tap to open and let the voices out. So thanks to all who follow, and I do try to get around and visit all of your sites. Most times, I get wrapped up reading so much on a few blogs, I find that I only vist a couple each day. But hey, I have all summer off to catch up….well, in between beer benders, and golf. 🙂

God Bless

John David Heaton III

Friday: Day 8 Of Spring Break

The only thing that moves faster than a vacation day, is a bad fish burrito through my boiler! As you may have figured, my Thursday was pretty much scuttled by the tragic event in my Hillbilly-hood that locked down traffic, and the on again, off again rains.

So the plan of attack today is to gas up the truck,throw the sticks in the bed, and head for the driving range. I will have to plan this like the D-Day invasion though: there is a small window of opportunity due to the fact that thunder/rain storms are passing through. I think that for every day of bad weather during vacation, my employer should credit me with a replacement day! Right, fat chance of that happening. If I get rained out from the golf range, I can always fall back on my plan B: Happy hour at Marcella’s,Happy hour at Shooter’s, and Happy hour at Applebees’. Wait, that is only 3-hours:)

I would also like to say hello to a new friend of mine: 68ghia. All the way from the beautiful country of RSA. The blog is I also did some blog surfing, and found some blogs with tremendous pics of the country. No wonder my favorite golfer is from South Africa!

John D. Heaton III

Kayak Fishing Boat

Ok, this Hillbilly needs to find a spare $1,500. I need this for my summer fishing! The Hillbilly word of the day is: FISHABILITY

Blogging On Sunday Because Monday Is A Fun Day

Yup, I usually keep to the back yard and local watering holes on the weekends, but this coming wee is a bit different from the norm. My golf team, and the rest of the league is headed to a really nice golf course just outside of Antioch California: Roddy Ranch G.C. It is built-in and around a working cattle ranch. It is a links style course to boot! In my golfing world, links means wide open fairways!

So The Hillbilly is breaking routine today. No beers, or back yard shenanigans. Instead, 3 good hours of practice the range, and a wee bit of blogging to make up for Monday, which is normally a big blog day for me.

I am hoping the weather will cooperate. We had a big rain storm blow through my town, and it looks as though it hit Roddy Ranch pretty good also. Yup, just my luck, an hour ride in the van to the course, get rained out, and another hour back to school/work. I only have 8 working days til Easter Break with a golf tourney and 3 matches mixed in. Man, the life of an educated, golf playin’ Hillbilly is rough! 🙂

One Good Reason Not To Pick Mitt Romney

This is a no-brainer. Jeb Bush endorses Mitt. Well, Jeb Bush ain’t conservative, his daddy ain’t conservative, and his grandpappy ain’t conservative. Well, Jeb is a country club RHINO, his daddy is a country club RHINO, and his grand pappy is a country club RHINO. So why in the world is it so important to get his slap on the back? I see the Huffo Post reported it, and that is a major clue for ya.

It won’t be Mitt vs. Twit in 2012. It will be Bush jr vs. Twit 08 redux! Barry has no chance if he runs on his record. He has a great chance if he runs,once again, against Bush. The TOTUS already has the info locked and loaded. Barry knows that he has a base of voters that are mooches and statist. He only needs to fool/guilt the white, self loathing crowd one more time. And Lord knows that ain’t hard to do.

It is sad that Mitt does not do more to distance himself from the GOP in crowd. He is a great family, and business man, and he lives his faith.


The Right Tent

I wish I could put the thing up as fast as they can!

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