Partying Like It Is 2000

Yup, the Hillbilly has hit the 2000 mark for posts. While some are reblogs,copy and paste, and lastly originals, the main goal of mine was to have fun, meet new folks, and get my conservative voice heard. What I have found is that I am not alone.

The whole thing started for me back in 2001. I had a new job with a lot of down time, and access to the internet. Internet? This Hillbilly thought the internet was hair spray! I began surfing the web to read news papers from different parts of the country. I found that many required accounts if you wanted to leave comments, or read the rest of the story. My local paper; The Modesto Bee, had started a blog around 04, or 05. This is where The Hillbilly cut his teeth.

I found out quickly that conservatives are quite the target in the blogging world. The attacks and slams were all something new to me, not because of the content, but the nameless, faceless cowards who make them. I have never hid my identity. I value honesty, and an old fashion value of: If you are going to say something about somebody, then you need to be willing to say it face to face. You might ask how has this worked for me? Lug nuts loosen,death threats, and sites created in my honor claiming I am a NAZI, and a child molester.

I have come to learn that these types of attacks are signs that I have been correct in my views and in my outing of liars, and criminals. Even a guy from WordPress came after me, and closed down my original blog: Uncle Sam’s Boot. Another lesson learned by this Hillbilly: Liberals will stoop to the lowest levels to silence opposing voices.

Now, on the really bright side, I have made a ton of new cyber friends. Many conservative, some not, some foodies, writers, poets, and singers. Forget this multicultural crap, I am backing the Hillbilly’s Panoptic Bar Grill & Golf Shop. Ya, I did use that word!
I don’t care if a person agrees with me or not on the issues, but darn it, ya better be willing to drink beer, eat, and play some golf with me when the dust has settled.

So here is to my next 2000 post. I am sure I will get to 2000 beers years before this goal!

God Bless
John D. Heaton III
The Conservative Hillbilly

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