Did I Lose?

Well, I came up thirteen votes shy of victory. But I feel as though I did not lose. We had over a 60% turnout. Folks were able to vote throughout the day, instead of the usual “after” work only time-table. I have also been offered a position with the union, from my vague understanding, gathers political information and then puts it all together in written form, that explains WHY the union’s top leadership wants folks to vote as they tell em’ to. I had to ask the lady if she realized who she was offering this to? And that she realized that I am the opposed to almost all of the CSEA’s political views.

So overall, I am pleased with my performance: I know I followed all the rules of the election, I never spoke ill of my opponent, and I did not say anything I thought people “wanted” to hear. Bottom line, I was honest.

Everbody Is Welcome Here On The Hillbilly’s Porch

As I have expanded my blogging horizons, I have come across sites that range from art to foods. The nice people of these blogs are all welcome here. I don’t care about race,color,gender, sexual preferences,age, or political views. I know I may beat on liberals a bit, but most of them I have met through blogging are rather nice folks who I would have some beers with and hang out at a NASCAR race with!

If anyone has any questions about this, I say go visit my buddy Uppity Woman at her blog. I am very well liked over their. Kinda like a pet hillbilly! 🙂

God Bless ya all and have a great weekend.

I just wanted to bring this post back to the top of the blog. I am sincere when I say that I enjoy getting along with everybody.

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