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Bucket List: How About Fun List?

I follow a blog by Leslie Carter that deals with her, and others “Bucket List.” This got me thinkin’ about why do so many folks want to experience such extreme life experiences before the go to the wrong side of the dirt?

Seeing that I am not such of an extreme dude, here are a few of mine. I want to camp on the Colorado river in Arizona for two weeks. I know of a few really swell fishing holes I found years back while on vacation at my grandparent’s vacation home.

I want to travel the USA in my truck, and camper( which I do not own yet!) and visit as many public golf courses and watering holes as I can.

I want to hit golf balls into the Grand Canyon! I have done this activity in the foothills of Central Cali, where I live.

OK, I better stop now because I am sure everybody’s heart is a poundin’ out of their chest just reading this!

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