Must Be Doing Something Right: Got Folks Contacting The Brass

Yup, found out that two people in the last year have made it a point to contact my employer and try to say that I am writing racist, and bigoted threads on company time. Of course, working for a public entity they tried to tie in the ripping off, or theft of the tax payer’s dime. No need in getting the facts straight that I am allowed to use the puter for personal reason during breaks and lunches.

I also got a kick out of how one of these folks tried to say that people who read my personal views, and other materials that I re-blog, would think that my district was in support of “ALL” of them! What a hoot these libsters are when they don’t agree with you.

So here is what I posted at the site that this sub-human dwells at:
Welcome To The Dance MHoffman;
I won’t bore ya with the all of the details, but somebody using a gmail account, and the letters mhoffman took the time to e-mail my place of employment with some articles of mine. Sadly, they had been altered by this hoffman person. I was easily able to point this out. Also, every other charge this person made, was easily dealt with. Bottom line: somebody has tried to mess with one of my sources of income, which is one of the three things that I will deal with by all means necessary to stop. I have a pretty good line on who this person is. Sometimes, people just make choices that they are not willing to pay the price for making, hoffman at g-mail, you don’t stand a chance against me. 🙂

I have also been able to obtain a IP address for this person, but it shows some place in Virginia, which I am sure is not where this stain resides. Here is the IP address and maybe someone can give me a hand on figuring out where this person really is from.

mhoffman 44magnum martin mhoffman r e m m y Remmy jackm blog patrol Thumbdude

Staying On The Porch: Hillbilly Continues His Blog Free Weekends

I look forward to Mondays, almost as much as I do Friday afternoon. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch! But taking a couple of days off from writing my random thoughts and views on the affairs of the world is kind of nice.

It can be overwhelming at times when I see acts from our government that are blatantly unconstitutional, immoral, or both. And the only defense, or offense high have is my vote, and my keyboard. Sometimes in order to solve a problem, one has to step away from the problem. I virtually go on a news lock down. I watch golf, NASCAR, and dvds. I do yard work, I bbq, meet friends for beers, and generally spend too much of my change!

So I guess I need to start each Monday by saying hello and thanks for continuing to stop by this little blog that I have. I know I ain’t the best writer, the best cook, or the greatest political analysts in the world, but I do have a whole heck of a lot of fun thinking I am.

So happy Monday to all of you, and I will continue to make an effort to stop by all of you who are following the Hillbilly!

God Bless;

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