News Omits Vital Facts (via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views)

News Omits Vital Facts Local media in New Hampshire is censoring the fact that these alleged GANG RAPISTS may be African "refugees". Large numbers of “refugees” from Africa have been resettled in the American cities largely at taxpayer expense. Currently the Obama administration is giving grants to churches and charities to bring Africans to the USA. Often these people are brought from the most violent and dangerous parts of Africa. They also come from areas with some … Read More

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African Violence Comes To Ireland (via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views)

African Violence Comes To Ireland By Ken Foy A (Black) MOB went on a wave of random race violence on Temple Bar, which left five (Irish) Dubliners with horrific injuries. One man — a Dublin DJ (Disk Jockey) — was almost killed in the attack as he suffered serious head injuries when he was set upon by the gang. The level of violence has shocked gardai (Irish Police) and the many witnesses … Read More

via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views

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