Runways Freeways And Fairways: Two Of These Things Don’t Go Together!

Freshly back from a day of high school league golf, and I am ready for another round. At least today’s match will be in a very quiet, secluded venue. Yesterday’s match was a great time, but sadly, the course is bordered by a small plane airport, and a major freeway.

So much for hearing the birds chirp and the leaves rustle gently in the breeze. Nope, small planes, mostly props, taking off for the S.F. bay area every thirty to sixty seconds. It sounds like a fleet of flying lawn mowers taking off. As for the freeway? The main artery from the San Joaquin Valley to San Fransisco and the bay area is the northern border of the course! The only description I can think of is think of the freeway as a pile of poop and sugar, and the cars, and trucks are ants and cockroaches who have tapeworms! They never stop moving.

Now that I think about, the intrusion into our daily, and personal lives by the federal government is much the same. We are the fairways, and the Fed is the ever-present, noisy runway/freeway and those darn bugs are represent politicians/laws that plague us Americans that just want to be left alone on our fairways to play golf. No matter how good or bad we are at the game/life.

Yeah, but what do I know, my claim to fame is being able to eat multiple Habaneros and swig gallons of beer on a Monday morning:)

Sorry for the slight injection of politics, but it has been quite awhile since I went American Terrorist!

Golfing Roddy Ranch: Antioch CA And Random Ramblings

Nothing like building a golf course inside a working cattle ranch. I will bypass all the exciting golf speak, and tell ya a bit about the course. It is located in Antioch, CA. As we drove in, it was obvious this is where a lot of folks who work in the Bay Area live. From what I was told, many a person who worked in the Silicon Valley chose this spot to hang their hats. I saw a few vacant homes, and some “for rent” signs for apartments or town houses if you like.

There is some elevation to the are, as there were plenty of tee-boxes that allowed us to view wind mills in the distance, at eye level. They call it green energy, but come May, the hills will be brown, and the wind sans color. There are some areas on the course that are staked “environmentally protected.” Which means if you hit “whitey” in them, you can’t go retrieve em. The areas consist of rocks and dirt, with a ton of lizards, rabbits, gophers, frogs, and maybe even Jimmy Hoffa.

I have to say, that this area is a great place for wind mills. The thing never stopped blowing. It is like a buzzed politician on the campaign trail. The goofy part is, that it changes directions so quickly. Makes me wonder how that affects the wind mill’s energy production? If it changes directions enough times, does it cancel out positive energy production?

Lastly, for those who think California has very little wide open spaces, think again. Large parts of the coast range and the foothills on the eastern side of California have vast amounts of open land. If I had a time machine, I would have created a law that would have forced housing, and non-agra business development outside of the San Joaquin Valley. Well, maybe I would allow for a few golf courses and watering holes!:)

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