Five Most Recent Acts Of Stupidity I Have Witnessed!

I had to limit it to five do to a space constraint!

1: Dude on a motorcycle splitting lanes while traffic was stopped at a red light. How this manuever is legal, I will never know. He clipped a side mirror on a truck, and almost dumped his ride. At least he checked to see if the owner of the vehicle had any damage to his truck.

2: Tweaker babe crossing a 6-lane street while the light is green. What else is there to say but “TWEAKER.”

3: Skinny swimmer dude at the gym walking into the weight room in a Speedo. Not sure if this is stupid, or just simple insanity! YUCK! Can you say banana hammock?

4: Me walking into the darkest part of my backyard, barefooted, at night, without having picked up the “mutt-mines” earlier in the day. Yup, squished a big ol’ pile right up between the piggies> 😦

5: Me again, for actually writing about number 4!

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