Hustlin” For What? Absolutely Nothin’

Over the past week, I have watched stupid people, doing what they do best; being stupid, and placing the rest of of in harms way. This morning on my way to work, some dude who was obviously places his schedule above personal safety, decides he can’t wait for a signal light to turn green, so he drives through the red light. This is a four lane, 50 mph road! Luckily, I was about 500 yards away. But I was thinking; Hillbilly I said, what could be so important that this bundle of stupid would do such a thing? So here are a few of my replies, to myself of course. seeing that I not only like to ask myself questions, as well as answer them too!

1: I have to make it to the bathroom, there is no way I am going to drop a duece into my britches.

2: I have to get to work early enough so I can post on my blog before the boss gets in.

3: Wal-Mart has beer and porkskins on sale so I gotta beat the rush of the fellow hillbillies.

4: I have to get to the gas staion. The prices are about to go from holly crap, to, yur shittin’ me!

5: I have to get home. ESPN Classic is showing the greatest Senior Bowling Moments from 1985. (NO JOKE)

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