Insider Trading Legal….If You Are In Congress

Why bombs were blasting in Boston, Barry Obama was busy bailing out the elected bums in congress. Sadly, I don’t think anything short of a large sink hole opening up and swallowing D.C. will stop these criminals.
Obama Signs Law Gutting Insider Trading Regulations For Congress

DS Wright
April 16, 2013

Yesterday President Obama signed a law that gutted the reporting requirements originally included in the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act. Before these changes were made the STOCK Act required congressional staffers to disclose their finances to the public to help ensure they were not engaging in corrupt practices.

But on second thought, President Obama and Congress decided that congressional staffers should be able to escape transparency.

President Obama quietly signed legislation Monday that rolled back a provision of the STOCK Act that required high-ranking federal employees to disclose their financial information online.

The White House announced Monday that the president had signed S. 716, which repealed a requirement of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act requiring the disclosure, which had previously been delayed several times by Congress.

You never heard of this political project to reinstate corruption incentives? Don’t be surprised.

Both chambers of Congress quickly — and near silently — approved the repeal legislation at the end of last week by unanimous consent, just before heading home to their districts.

That’s right. Unanimous consent, no one wanted to put their name down as openly supporting corruption while supporting corruption. And now President Obama has signed the bill guaranteeing a more corrupt Washington.

This article was posted: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 2:28 pm

Gas Prices Prove Obama To Be Truthful

One thing about Barry, the truth is in his words. He wants gas to be above 5 dollars, and he wants to fundamentally transform America, and does not want us to be single super-power in the world. Stupid son-ofa-bitch is getting his wishes, and Americans don’t seem to be able to stop him. If he gets reappointed, and you noticed I did not say re-elected, we are in for a frickin nightmare. What is it going to take for us to re-gain control of our lives?: Both financially and personally? A good start would be a for a giant sink hole to form in DC and flush all the crap(politicians) down the chute!

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