Glad The Hillbilly Grew Up Pre-I.I.!

Earlier, I was sitting around shooting the breeze with a buddy who is a year older than me, and graduated from the same high school. While he is more of a “metro-billy,’ we still share many hard-core right values and beliefs. We were discussing the pit falls of, what I call, ” I.I. or “Instant Info.” Especially as it relates to the easy access of porn.

When we were in jr and sr high, we always joked about how we stayed up late the night before to watch Benny Hill in hopes of catching a quick view of a lady’s fun-bags. Sometimes we hit the jack pot when and old copy of Playboy was found in the school’s parking lot. My, how times have changed. Kids getting caught during the school day viewing porn on their phones. I don’t even want to think about what these kids say on social media sites, or what they do with pictures of themselves. Why I am no supporter of Islam, I can understand why many of theses Muslims consider our nation the great Satan.

I am so grateful to The Lord that this garbage was controlled during my youth. Yeah, there were the Adult Theaters, but they were always on the bad side of town, and the patrons kept a low profile. Now days, the theaters are in pockets and purses. The predatory pedophiles roam the net, and the streets, almost unnoticed.

I person can spend a lifetime trying to explain how this has ripped apart, and destroyed the moral fabric of our nation. But It will not change the fact that kids are under assault from this crap. I.I. has its pit falls. I feel sorry that many kids are not given the chance to be kids for a much longer period of time. So here is a big thanks to I.I., and the folks who abuse such a wonderful tool.

As always, God was right: There will be a time when Good is called Evil, and Evil is seen as Good. I sure miss my Atari and Pac-Man game days:(

Uncyclopedia: How To Be A Liberal

I just happened to stumble across this site. ENJOY!

WARNING at least 10-12 % of what is written in this article is considered to be false. If you’re allergic to the truth (if you’re an American Liberal in other words) and are also allergic to Wikipedia-style citations and references with links to the awful truth, DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE! Uncyclopedia and the authors of this article cannot be held responsible for any damage, injury or liberal sissy fits and anal bleeding this article may cause. Classic Liberals and Liberals outside of the USA may not understand this or get all of the jokes, American Liberals are Neo-Liberals who practice Liberal Fascism [1] aka Communism and only pretend to be real Liberals.

This is an ever changing guide to how to be a liberal. It is often deleted by liberals and recreated at least twice a month, please see censorship for the reason why. Never the same page twice. Many have asked the question of just how does one become a liberal? This how-to guide will show you how.

Sandy Fake Fraud Lying Broad

My friend The Rat Is Right has a nice little take on this liar. It was in response to my take on his thread:…

In Liberal Bitterness, Liberal Intolerance, The Left’s Attack on Christianity, The Underbelly of American Liberalism on March 6, 2012 at 9:33 AM
The Conservative Hillbilly says:
And that mean Rush guy called some dame a “slut” and the Bammy himself had to reach out and touch her!
Double standard once again.

Thing is, I don’t want this guy to lose his job over this. People need to hear this stuff.

The Rat Says:

“Agreed, Hillbilly; unlike those on the left who want to silence conservative talk radio, I love the fact that bitter liberals like Malloy spew their vile hatred on a daily basis – as often as possible. It shows America exactly who they are.

Perhaps Rush was over the line, but – it now comes out that Fluke is a fake. She purposely targeted Georgetown for the sole purpose of her contraception charade. Incidentally, birth control pills are available right down the road from Georgetown – for nine bucks.

Oh, and Ms Fluke is 30 – not the 23-year-old coed she claims to be.”


Ethnic Celebrations “Rage Against The White Man Component

I hope my friend Carl does not mind me reposting a comment he made. If you do Carl, let me know my friend. This is an incredible first hand account. I will let his words tell the story.

Carl says
“33 years in Miami Dade schools. The ethnic celebrations have always had a rage against the white man component. I spent my whole adult life in the Afro/American and Haitian communities teaching kids how to read and write and maybe a little history here and there as well. It hurt me more than insulted me and the hate is sanctioned by a county that is 80% minority and/or foreign born. Cursing out a white teacher with racial epithets is not seen as a punishable offense in many schools. I once heard a rabid “hate the white man”local NAACP woman address an entire auditorium of black kids saying George Washington was not to be revered as he fathered many slave children. Huh? George Washington had small pox when he was 10. He survived. It left him sterile. As a mason he would not stoop to such immorality in the first place.”

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