Why does our government send America’s bravest and best to supposedly fight for our safety and security, and at the same time allow illegal, unknown aliens to flood across the southern border?

Why did our government trade 5 Muslom war criminals for one American deserter, and refuse do nothing for a troubled war hero who made a wrong turn into Mexico?

Why does are government harass Israel for defending their people from Muslom aggressors who use their women and children as shields?

Why is “Star Wars” technology work for Israel, but not for America? (Remember the crap Storm Mr. Reagan caught for this?)

Why are we told that the wealthy are mean and evil, by politicians, and a president who are wealthy?

Why is diversity good everywhere except the NBA and black colleges?

Why do fuel prices stay so high while we are tapping more of our countries natural resources?

Lastly, I know why God and His Word are so important, wish more people did.

The GOP Has No Plan? The HOP Sure Does

The HOP; Hillbilly Ol’ Party has a plan to solve the financial woes we now find ourselves in as a nation, due in large part, if not all part, to the diaper loads in DC.

Fuel prices and debt: Yup, these two go hand in hand. We have so much natural gas and shale, we simply use it! Talk about the jobs that would be created that are both directly, and indirectly related to this would be out of control. Start with the drilling, refining, transporting, and selling of the products domestically. These folks need food, beverages, clothes, tools, ect. Home and auto fuel prices will drop, and folks that had to blow their budgets on these, once high-priced items, now have more money to spend. More money spent, equals more dollars to DC and more money in our pockets. These companies will have to be domestically owned, and no product will be allowed to be sold over seas until gas/natural gas is a $1.50 a gallon, Or however you measure natural gas.

I would also place a tax on all imported products, and on all foreign-owned companies inside our borders.

I would put a stop to all trade with Mexico until they secure their northern border. I would also “militarize the southern border indefinitely.
I have more, just ask!:)

Why Don’t The Candidates Ask Me For Advice?

All these guys claim to listen to us: the American people, but I don’t recall sitting next to Newt at Applebees’, nor mingling with Mitt at the diner, or rapping with Ron P. on the street corner. I know that these guys probably think California will not give the nod to a republican, even a RHINO, but they may be looking at it all wrong. I have the formula that will give any candidate with the double “B’s”(brains and balls) a land slide win in 2012. Sadly, my formula would work for a liberal too.

Here it is: Promise to allow American companies access to all aspects of natural resources production. Through executive order, under the premise that our nation’s safety is at stake: what powers the planes,subs,ships,and tanks? Also, fuel cost are bankrupting many families.

Also, the fuel must be used to bring down gasoline cost per gallon to the $1.00-$1.50 range. And home fuel cost per house hold should average less than $100 per month. Companies will also receive tax breaks.
Lastly, shut down the IRS and implement a flat tax rate. 10% would be a target percentage.
I would throw in a militarized zone for our southern border, and bringing our troops home from Europe and Japan to patrol it.
Each on of these ideas are worth roughly 20 million votes a piece.
So, when will I get the chance to be heard by these guys?

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