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No, I am not calling anybody names, at least not here. This id my first day of bowling league. Nothing says vacation like bowling on a Friday morning while the rest of the working world is grinding away!

The Hillbilly’s Week’s Review

Interesting would be the biggest under-statement in history to describe the past seven days. Then again, the guy who said the Titanic was unsinkable probably beats me out by a catfish’s whisker.

Monday started off with me being informed that some puke named M Hoffman of Manteca had contacted my employer an accusing me of stealing from the school district, being a racist, and indoctrinating my golf team into the “right-wing” mentality. I have been able to track a person who might be this guy. The name I have been given is Michael John Hoffman. I have a street address and phone number. I was able to drive by this house, and I now have a license plate number of a vehicle that was parked there. I am not sure if this is the person, but I have some good “intel” if it is. Thing is, the person who sent the letter, might also be the person who used my work e-mail to impersonate me, and use my information to sign me up to some porn sites. My district lawyer, my union’s lawyer, and my private lawyer, are looking to see what laws have been broken, and how I can proceed with putting a stop to this cowardly attack. Because if I get my way, I will surely stop him, and it won’t be through the court system.

Tuesday was horrific, losing my best friend that evening.

Wednesday was a nice quiet day, and that evening I fired up the Barbie sans Dude for the first time. His favorite things to do during while bbqing were to pee on whatever I peed on in the back yard. Yes, this is what we hillbillies do, no sissy inside plumbing for us during these manly events! Dude also loved to “woof” while I cooked. His way of saying, “kick me down some food home-billy!”

Thursday? Nothing really went down, which is good. Makes sliding into Friday that much easier.

Friday marked the last Friday of the school year! Which is sorta sad due to the fact that my district is getting hit hard with budget cuts. Something I have known for years that were coming. I would like to throw a big middle finger salute to all of the greedy top-level leaders of the CSEA who over many years have helped make this mess. Every jackass politician sitting up in Sacramento, who, were endorsed by the CSEA, and the Teacher’s Union, are to blame. Oh, and thanks to the stupid that is known as “Seniority”, some really great folks are losing their jobs, while others, who are incompetent will be returning. Go figure.
Saturday and Sunday? Well, if you know me just a little, y’all can fill in the blanks! You know how the Billy rolls on them two-day.

Junior Seau Commits Suicide

Money and fame can’t buy happiness. I guess junior found that out.

Police received a 911 call about a gunshot and possible suicide at Seau’s Oceanside, Calif., residence around 10 a.m. PT, a dispatcher told the San Diego Union-Tribune. That publication too had confirmation of Seau’s death.

“Junior was an icon not only in San Diego but throughout the nation. Of course this will affect a lot of people, not in the least the children and kids who look up to him,” Chargers chaplain Shawn Mitchell told the Union-Tribune.

“He had a great impact on many lives. He’s changed my life in many ways, I’m sure.”

In a release, the Chargers said: “Everyone at the Chargers is in complete shock and disbelief right now. We ask everyone to stop what they’re doing and send their prayers to Junior and his family.”

Read more:

Sweet 16

No, not talkin’ about basketball or first dates, but rather how many days I have left till summer vacation. If I get real technical, I have 15 days due to the fact that I will be out this coming Monday since one of my golfers made the section play-offs. So it will be a nice day in the California foothills at a course named Greenhorn. Sadly, coaches don’t get to play, but we do ge to marshal. So a lot of riding around in a golf cart, sans clubs, and a lot of cold soda!

The Comback Begins: 105,132,178,144

Yup, those are my bowling scores from my first four games in over 15 years. I used to carry a 170 average. Even took a few bowling…aka screw off classes in college. I have myself into two different leagues for the summer. Since I am off every summer, I figured I would throw in some bowling to go along with the golf and weight lifting. If you take a gander, two out of my three activities are beer user-friendly:)

Over the next few weeks, I am going to see if I can’t re-capture the old form. I figure if George Foreman could do it, why not me? Thing is, I doubt if I am going to make millions off of this deal. I guess my reward is fun and memories, and that is much more important than money.

Back In The Saddle

Yup, that’s right. The flu bug may have won a battle, but I just one the war! In other words, I was able to shoot a decent nine holes of golf yesterday during my team’s match. I have said this before, that coaching high school golf is the greatest gig a coach can have, because we play the same nine as do the teams! No other high school sport allows this. Thank goodness! Most of my buddies who coach other sports, like football, and wrestling, would smash the best of their players. I am sure the school’s insurance company would not be very happy about this. As of now, I am still able to beat the best of my players. This is what makes golf so great, it ain’t the age of the player, but the amount of time, and effort, that the player has under their belt. A ten years old kid, who has been playing for five years, can beat a 40-year-old who has been playing for two years. In other words, grand children can compete with their gramps! Gramps could also beat his kid. Not very many sports allow the entire family to play for a life time. And no, checkers is not a sport!

Tebow Bad? Bubba Good? God Is Great!

While on the golf course yesterday, I had a pretty good conversation with my co-worker/friend about how Bubba Watson has not come under media fire for his strong Christian beliefs. Yup, Bubba gave thanks to God for allowing him to have the skills to win the 2012 Masters golf tourney. Bubba has always credit to God for all of his blessings, and not a peep from the godless group in the media, or the fans of the sport. Yet, Tebow is attacked by those who don’t believe. Tim has lived his faith, like Bubba. Tim has never attacked any person or group, like Bubba. Yet, he is demonized by many in the media and other thick-headed, human atheist turds.
Most Christians understand that non-believers dislike the Christian faith because it exposes their deviant life styles. What they don’t understand, is that we all have sin in our nature, but God gives us a chance at redemption. Something the godless community does not give a rip about.
Anyway, back to Tebow and Bubba. Tebow plays a sport that needs its bad boy image. Forget about the fact that each team has players that are part of a prayer group, and who gather with their opponents after each game to give thanks to God for all their blessings. With golf, the bad boy image is not tolerated, nor is it promoted. Many in the media consider the vast majority of golfers as products of the rich and spoiled. Again, a false image of the vast majority of PGA, and Nationwide Tour players. Honesty, integrity, and being a good person is required to be on these tours. Something that is not always required in the NFL.
Bottom line, there a hundreds of guys like Tebow in the NFL. Always have been and always will be. Thing is, they don’t fit the disrespectful, in your face, this is my house, who cares about your criminal life style image that is the NFL. Bubba, does fit the image of the PGA.
And now for the rest of the news!

The Putter vs. The “Puter”

It felt pretty darn good taking the last three days off from the internet. I figured what a great way to spend the Easter holiday weekend doing some simple stuff. Dinner with the family, practice time at the golf course, and bbqing in the back yard.

It is too easy to get so involved in keeping up with all the news, and views that are available at a push of a button, or a stroke of a key. How often have I told myself that I was just going to look at a few headlines at some websites, and then 4 to 6 hours later, and still be sitting in front of the screen!

Well, this weekend I took no chances. I never even turned the darn thing on. I spent many an hour watching the Masters Golf tournament. Bubba Watson won the thing on the second play-off hole. What is amazing about Bubba, is the fact he is self-taught, and has never had a lesson. I think Bubba is a great golfer, and even a better person. My only issue with him is that he is a crier! Guy starts crying when he thinks about crying! I will admit that I wish more pro athletes’ biggest faults were crying.

So I am out of the fox-hole, and I am starting my 7 vacation day run. I am not going to start it with a marathon blogging session though. After a quick doctor visit, it is off to the golf course, where the “puter” is not allowed but the “putter” is.

Blogging On Sunday Because Monday Is A Fun Day

Yup, I usually keep to the back yard and local watering holes on the weekends, but this coming wee is a bit different from the norm. My golf team, and the rest of the league is headed to a really nice golf course just outside of Antioch California: Roddy Ranch G.C. It is built-in and around a working cattle ranch. It is a links style course to boot! In my golfing world, links means wide open fairways!

So The Hillbilly is breaking routine today. No beers, or back yard shenanigans. Instead, 3 good hours of practice the range, and a wee bit of blogging to make up for Monday, which is normally a big blog day for me.

I am hoping the weather will cooperate. We had a big rain storm blow through my town, and it looks as though it hit Roddy Ranch pretty good also. Yup, just my luck, an hour ride in the van to the course, get rained out, and another hour back to school/work. I only have 8 working days til Easter Break with a golf tourney and 3 matches mixed in. Man, the life of an educated, golf playin’ Hillbilly is rough! 🙂

Why I Coach

I have written about this before. I love coaching high school golf and it is not because of all the usual reasons: Free rounds,free equipment, leaving work early, not going to work all day. Nope, it is seeing the look of a young student’s face when he shaves 20 strokes off of his score in less than one month.

Most of my guys come to me as freshmen or sophomores never having picked a club up. Heck, any more, never having played a sport at any level, thanks technology! So it happened today. The kid was ecstatic. He had a bounce in his step, and he was talkin’ golf.

Well, bottom line is that this kid has a hobby that will stay with him for a life time. He has memories he will never forget, and a gift he may some day pass on to his kids. Yup, this is why I do it.

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