Recent Observations By The Hillbilly

I just have to share a couple of classic, and hilarious things I have witnessed in the past few days. Thankfully, none of them are involve me, beer, and mud. So here they are:

Meth Head Broad riding a multiple speed bike, in first gear peddling a hundred miles wearing sweat pants, tank top, and no shoes. Oh, and she was riding down an overpass, so top speed was about 30 mph. In tweaker miles, it was a 108 mph!

Yellow hat, bright orange shirt, shorts, and shoes. This is what a guy was wearing yesterday on the driving range at the golf course. A couple of thoughts here: Gramps realizes he is of the age he can wear, and do anything he pleases. Two: He is in the California Department of Transportation Hall of Fame. ( These workers wear bright orange uniforms for those of you who are not living in Cali.) Three; he has been so emasculated that his wife now dresses him from head to toe. Thing is, Neon Gramps could pound whitey pretty good. He has a decent swing, so us fellow golfers won’t give him the business about his duds, just give him grief over the fact his wife does not allow him to wear his testicles anymore.

A Couple Of Things I Would Like To See

I know I am all for less government, but here are a couple of laws I would not mine seeing.

Drug test anyone who receives unemployment benefits.

Prison chain gangs to do road side and public property clean up.

If you don’t pay taxes, ya’ don’t vote in any election.

Death penalty for child molesters.

A ban on any shows that are titled “Real House Wives”

Bring back the traditional light bulbs.

Beer cans that have a pack of beef jerky attached.

Dress code for Wal-Mart shoppers that force folks to wear the correct sizes, and that ban spandex.

Make bums show proof of ownership for the shopping carts.

Ok, glad I got that of my “ice”chest. 🙂

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