Hyper Sensitivity From A Texas School Board

A two-time teacher of the year award winner Shirley Bunn, is fighting to keep her job because of a simple quip she made to an unruly student. In response to a student who was disrupting other students due to his yelling, “I am Mexican” Mrs. Bunn said, “Then go back to Mexico.” She had been trying to explain to him that certain form were available in English, and Spanish. How much does all the extra paper cost to print in Spanish? Anyway, the point is there is nothing wrong with her comment. If the student was yelling “I am German” and she responded “Well, go back to Germany”, this would not even be an issue.

She made no mention of his citizenship. She did not say anything derogatory towards him or Mexico. So what is all the fuss about? Easy, folks who are messing up, and get caught, know they need to deflect blame away from themselves, and place it elsewhere. Kids learn this at a very early age. This student, and his parent, or parents, know that screaming racism at a middle age white lady is a great strategy to use to get their brat off of the hook.

Mexican. I’m Mexican.”

Public record stated that Bunn attempted to tell the student that he could retrieve forms translated into Spanish from the main office, but the student continued to repeat “I’m Mexican.”

Bunn replied, “[Then] go back to Mexico.”

The school board put Bunn on paid leave after the incident, until an Independent Hearing Examiner could review the case.

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