I See You!

I just noticed something interesting when I was checking my blog stats. Someone has searched all of my thread titles from the past few weeks. I know I blog at a local site, and have a couple of fat,unemployed, liberal chuckle heads who dislike me because I disprove all of their liberal views. I also continue to call them out on their racial, and bigoted stances.

What is cool about WordPress, is that I am able to locate the basement/half way house they are doing this from. Well, at least the town. So a big thanks to WordPress for this wonderful tool. I though it might have been the feds, and that I was going to have to build a new foil lid for my bucket.:)

Top Jihad Website Hosted From New Jersey (via Creeping Sharia)

via Top Jihad Website Hosted From NJ | Christian Action Network. A top jihadist website that promotes attacks on the West is hosted by a company in New Jersey, reports the Middle East Media Research Institute. The website is led by a sheikh who has inspired top Al-Qaeda terrorists, and it predicts that Allah will retaliate against the U.S. for killing Osama Bin Laden. The website belongs to Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, who MEMRI says “is consi … Read More

via Creeping Sharia

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