A Rat,A Hillbilly And A Cowboy…….

No, it is not an intro for a joke, though it could be. It is something that I call “Blogworking.” Sorta like networking, but a term for us bloggers who stumble into a new blog site that gets us all juiced like a good 30 pack of Keystone, and then we invite our other new buddies over to sit and tip a few.

I have been a follower, and fan of the Rat is Right blog for some time now. I just recently sat my beer down, stopped, the Hillbilly limo (truck), and went in and checked out the Cowboypress’ blog. Excellent move on my part. Know I see that the Cowboy and The Rat are popin’ tops on the frosties! I have found other Hillbilly friends at various sites.

So the bottom line is that blogging brings folks together, whether we are of like mind or not. With a country being run by dividers, it is more important now, than ever, to take the time and meet, and speak to folks, because many of us might have some differing views on subjects, but we have to remember to set those things aside and remember we can all be pals. Rats,Hillbillies, Cowboy’s, and Rebels, and even liberals:)

A Hill Billy Recommendation: The “Cowboy Press Blog”

I highly recommend everyone take a gander at thecowboypress.wordpress.com blog. If Hill Billies and Cowboys were able to run this country, the only handouts that would be given would be beer,bbq, and a tanker full of good ol’ common sense. Here is a sample from the Cowboy Press’s blog;

There seems to be a bit of confusion from the left about freedom of speech. Well, in all fairness, they are remarkably consistent that freedom of speech applies only to the left. That’s unfortunate, but it is where we are at these days. I don’t care what Bill Maher or Rush Limbaugh say in their shows, but clearly there is no set standard here. It is an interesting tie in for me, as I have thought about artists and free speech, and the contrast between the Dixie Chicks and the Beatles.

Staying On The Porch: Hillbilly Continues His Blog Free Weekends

I look forward to Mondays, almost as much as I do Friday afternoon. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch! But taking a couple of days off from writing my random thoughts and views on the affairs of the world is kind of nice.

It can be overwhelming at times when I see acts from our government that are blatantly unconstitutional, immoral, or both. And the only defense, or offense high have is my vote, and my keyboard. Sometimes in order to solve a problem, one has to step away from the problem. I virtually go on a news lock down. I watch golf, NASCAR, and dvds. I do yard work, I bbq, meet friends for beers, and generally spend too much of my change!

So I guess I need to start each Monday by saying hello and thanks for continuing to stop by this little blog that I have. I know I ain’t the best writer, the best cook, or the greatest political analysts in the world, but I do have a whole heck of a lot of fun thinking I am.

So happy Monday to all of you, and I will continue to make an effort to stop by all of you who are following the Hillbilly!

God Bless;

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