Our Afghanistan Dead Piled Higher: WHY? (via )

I am all for smashing the hell out of muslim extremist, but our men should not be going door to door, or cave to cave. Let’s fight this holy war, as our enemy calls it, like it is WWII. drop some flyers warning of the upcoming bombing, then level one city after the next. We spend trillions of dollars on technology, and we don’t use much of it. I said this when we went into Iraq; turn into a parking lot, or don’t go in at all. War is hell, but it should be a bigger hell for our enemies.

Our Afghanistan Dead Piled Higher: WHY? Our soldiers are targets every minute but their ability to defend themselves, let alone attack the enemy, is heavily restricted. This is the same set of conditions that Obama criticized when designing his Afghan buildup. Bomb Kills 5 More Troops in Southern Afghanistan We still haven't heard an intelligible reason for letting our soldiers be blown up in central Asia. Mr. President: Set a real goal, fight for it whatever the cost, or get off the b … Read More


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