Cain And Able: B.W. And BillWilly

Unflippin believable!, just a few days after getting my boys home from the extended vet visit, the “Fight” lands BillWilly back in the hospital. No, BillWilly, all 10 pounds of him, was not fighting off intruders, no was he attacked by a rabid postman. Nope, that would be fine, but he picks a fight with B.W., and gets torn up. Really, torn up! B.W. tore his fur from his muscle! A perfect “V” shape of now flapping fur and skin hanging off of BillWilly’s front shoulder. As soon as I sent a photo to Dr. Rob via cellphone, yes, us 80’s guys are pretty tech savvy, he said to bring him in to get stitched up. Great, more of my money being spent on these boys.

It all started over them jockeying for seat position next to me during our weekend beer and bbq bash in the backyard. I was able to break that one up, without spilling my beer mind you. This past Monday, while lying on the floor watching Man vs Food, The Brother’s Brawl began. BillWilly started it by growling at B.W. over cushion position. It is always first come first serve, and if you move you lose. Well, BillWilly was giving B.W. the business because he felt B.W. was too close to his spot. B.W. was having none of this mess, and the brawl was on. By the time I pried B.W.’s choppers off of BillWilly, the damage was done. B.W. was spitting fur, and BillWilly was gushing blood. It was kind of “country music songesque”. All my years at my current occupation, and my college years bouncing, this fight ranks right up there with the best and messiest of them all.

So as I write this, BillWilly is laying in the hospital awaiting the surgical skills of D. Rob to patch him up. There ain’t a doubt in my dome, that he will be coming home and wearing the darn “Doggie Cone.” That stupid inverted lampshade that keeps a pup from licking their wounds. I think I need to wear one to keep me from licking my back pocket where I keep my money, because my bank account is about to flat-line:)

Two Sick Dogs Not Out Of The Woods: But Seeing A Clearing

Got a call from Dr. Rob Santos, my friend and vet, and the good news is that B.W. Aand Bill Will have stopped puking and are resting comfortably. Still no guarantees, but it is starting to sound better. I am sure there are plenty of vets across the country that love what they do, and make an impact on people’s lives, knowing how much they care for their pets. Dr. Rob Santos has to be in the top five, and IS number one in my book, and no, my book is not a coloring book of beers!

I have known the guy since high school. His office is in Turlock CA and is named Monte Vista Small Animal HospitaL. He has a Face Book page and is hugely popular with his clients. I have taken many a furry family member him over the years. I have no doubt that if, and WHEN, my two boys come home, it will be because of Dr. Rob and his imense talents that surely are God given.

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