Barney Miller: Clean Classic T.V.

Would watch this every week when I was a kid. Imagine a well written sit-com about soemthing!

Boston Marathon Explosion

Here is the only video I could find. I am waiting to here about the person they have in custody!

Bulitt: Best Car Chase Scene Ever

Sit back and let Stevo McQueen do the driving!

The Right Tent

I wish I could put the thing up as fast as they can!

Operation Mockingbird

The former director of the CIA drowned shortly after making a comment about owning certain media folks. Take a listen to this stuff!!!!

Red Solo Cup By Toby Keith: The Hillbilly’s Official Blog Song

Just sit back, watch and listen!

Flash Back Friday: The 80’s

Yes the 80’s. The Hillbilly lived the mullet high life. Billy Ray Cyrus had nothing on mine. Some of the coolest bands at the time were quite un-Hillbyesque though!

Why won't NYC Parks Dept approve screenings of 9/11 film? (via Creeping Sharia)

Ask them here. via CAN Considers Legal Action After NYC Parks Deny 9/11 Screenings. Christian Action Network (CAN) is considering legal action after the New York City Parks and Recreation Department’s stonewalling of its request to show, Sacrificed Survivors: The Untold Story of the Ground Zero Mosque, during the week leading up to the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The organization is accusing the Department of having a “politically-correct double-st … Read More

via Creeping Sharia

Another DHS video portrays white Americans as most likely terrorists (video) (via Creeping Sharia)

Info Wars broke this story yesterday, DHS Video Characterizes White Americans as Most Likely Terrorists. It is not, however, the first DHS video portraying white men as terrorists in America while omitting the obvious. In October 2009 we posted a similar video, DHS’ politically correct ‘recognizing terrorism’ video. DHS is now in defense mode, denying the obvious dis … Read More

via Creeping Sharia

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