When It Is Cold It Is Cold!

I know you folks that live in places that make your frig seem like an oven don’t want to hear me whine, but this 30-35 degree weather ain’t much fun for this California Hillbilly. Today is the last day of work for three weeks; (working for a public school rocks!) so that means I have 21 days of fishing, golfing, and just plain goofing off. If goofing off was a sport, I would be in the Goofing Off Hall of Fame, and the building would be named after me.

Anyway, what stinks worse than a road killed skunk is that the weather is a crap shoot. If it is cold and damp in the morning, golf courses usually don’t start play until the sun burns off the frost. And who wants to sit and fish, when it is chilly enough to not have to put your brews in a bucket of ice? Not me. But I always have a back up plan. Hit the gym early, play Tiger Woods video golf til happy hour, then back home to watch as many Bond movies til the Sandman KO’s me.

I never thought I could ever find a job that allows me to think I am still in college….and get paid! Growing up is for chumps!

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