10 Or So Of My Not So Favorite Eats

I am not even sure that there are 10 things I don’t like, but here are the ones that jump into my dome:
Sweet potatoes. Can’t stand them in any way, shape or form.

Ham, yup, I do not like ham. It is the only pork product I don’t like. Give me pickled feet, ears, and the almighty BACON anytime.

SPAM: Don’t know the food group, or what animal this stuff comes from, but eating food that looks like somebody else chewed it ain’t my mug of beer.

Humus: What the heck is this junk? Had it the other day on a cracker. Yuk, rather like the bottom of a diary man’s boot on a rainy day.

Pumpkin: Sweet potato’s rancid cousin!

OK, this is enough for now. I was preparing for lunch but now I think I will have to wait a few minutes to settle my gut worm down:)

BTW, feel free to give me any recipes that make any of the above likable by this Hillbilly…without a case of beer!

California And My Taxes

Well I received my tax return from the State this past Wednesday. I went to my tax lady on super Bowl Sunday. I figured what the heck, my Dolphins were at home on the couch, so I would not be missing much. After getting the bad news that this year will be the last I will receive any of my money, due to the fact I am selling my house, I figured the state would take its sweet time and suck up as much interest as possible. I was told it would be at least a minimum of 14 working days: Try 3 days!

I had to stop and ask myself why this happened so fast. I think it is an attempt to boost Cali’s economy. I know I helped it a bit. Grocery shopping, gas in the truck, and a couple of breakfasts. So why don’t politicians just cut themselves out of the loop? Ah, that would be too logical and it would help some of the taxpayers realize that our politicians are really not needed. Yup, we elect people to fix things that were broken by them. Talk about job security. 🙂

MIA: January!

What the heck happened to January? We were hanging out after December left for an eleven month vacation. I know Jan was suppossed to be here for 31 days, but apparently left after just a week or two. Don’t get me wrong, I like Febuary, but Feb comes and goes every year in with a blink of an eye.

Maybe we should just put all of the months together and create on, 365 day long month. Then, I would request to take a one month vacation from work!

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